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Name: Festivids
Date(s): 2009-present
Moderator(s): etothey, giandujakiss
Founder: etothey
Type: Vidding gift exchange
Fandom: Rare fandoms
Associated Community: Festivids LJ community
URL: current Festivids website
2009-2010 Festivids website (offline)
Festivus Icon
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Festivids is "a fannish vid exchange inspired by Yuletide." [1] The concept is simple: rare and under-vidded fandoms are nominated, fans make requests for certain fandoms, vidders sign up anonymously and are paired with a request for a vid, then the vids are revealed (first anonymously and then the vidder's identity is revealed). Assignments are given to the vidders in November, with the vids being revealed in mid-January.

In keeping with Yuletide and Yuletart, Festivids was initially going to be called Yulevids. After the exclusionary nature of the name was pointed out, [2] the mods held a poll to determine a new name for the community. [3] The name refers to Festivus, a family December holiday tradition popularized by the TV show Seinfeld.

Years of Festivids are named according to the year they start in (so December 2009-January 2010 would be "Festivids 2009" or "Festivids 2009-10").[4]



A description of the policies for 2009 can be found here. A list of the fandoms nominated can be found here.

Festivids 2009: The Vids

For a full list, see Festivids/2009.



A description of the polices and procedures for 2010 can be found here.[5] A list of the fandoms nominated can be found here. [6]

Festivids 2010: The Vids

The Master List for 2010 With Reveals[7]


Festivids 2011: The Vids

The Master List for 2011 With Reveals.[8]


Festivids 2012: The Vids

The Master List for 2012 With Reveals.[9]

Notable vids included Defeat You by echan, a 3 Ninjas vid with a clip of one of the actors giving a shout out to the recipient.


Festivids 2013: The Vids

The Master List for 2013 With Reveals.

This round produced 205 vids—more than any other year[10]—for 145 different fandoms. The most-represented fandoms include Sleepy Hollow (2013) (7 vids), Pacific Rim (6 vids), Friday Night Lights (5 vids), and Masters of Sex (4 vids).

2013 is notable for being the year Orlando Jones found Festivids.


Festivids 2014: The Vids

The Master List for 2014 With Reveals.


Festivids 2015: The Vids

The Master List for 2015 With Reveals.


Festivids 2016: The Vids

The Master List for 2016. Reveals are set for 11 Feb 2017, 12:00PM EDT


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