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2009 was the first year of Festivids.

Festivids 2009 Masterlist (now with reveals), Archived version

Festivids 2009: The Vids

3:10 to Yuma

  • all the money i had is gone by Isis (for theanonsisters)

The Abyss

  • Angels of the Deep by Azar (for Chamalla)
  • Bud+Lindsey: A Modern Romance by Tanja (for TheDivineGoat)

Back to the Future

The Big Bang Theory

  • The Geeks Get the Girls by Greensilver (for countessmary)

Birds of Prey

  • The Birds of Prey by Sammy aka jagwriter78 (for Greensilver)
  • Shadows by Cappy (for Greensilver)

Bride and Prejudice

Chak De! India

  • Past in Present by sol se (for Shati)

China Beach


  • Honey & the Moon by Milly (for thuvia ptarth)

Criminal Minds

Dark Angel

  • Holiday by Kitty (for Chamalla)
  • Me & My 424 by LC (for Banbury McBurg)
  • Treat Me Like a Villain by danegen (for Milly)

Die Hard series

Doctor Who (1963-1989)


Facts of Life

  • Facts of Life by sisabet (for fan-eunice)

Fifth Element

FlashForward (2009)

Forever Knight


Galaxy Quest


  • Of Monsters and Heroes and Men by such heights (for bisclaveret)


  • Sweetspot by Anoel (for zephyrprince)

Hire series

  • Drown in the Now by rhoboat (for Vesper (Regina))

Iron Man

  • Till I Strike by Vesper (Regina) (for Isis)

Kamikaze Girls

  • Enchantment by Shati (for Laura47)

Legend of the Seeker


  • In the Ayer by renenet (for danegen)

Little Mosque on the Prairie

  • All for Swinging You Around by kuwdora (for sol_se)

Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Lost in Austen

  • One Week by Vesper (Regina) (for Isis)

Magnum PI

  • One by Barkley (for sisabet)


  • Prayer of St. Francis by deejay (for Greensilver)

Much Ado About Nothing - 1993

  • Just a Girl by wyomingnot (for such heights)
  • Your Song by Diana Williams (for such heights)


  • I will always return by Banbury McBurg (for tearful eye)

Neverending Story

  • Le Disko by abby82 (for Boom Queen)

Pitch Black

  • Survival Instinct by Chamalla (for colls)

The Prestige

  • The Transported Man by SDWolfpup (for bionic)

The Princess Bride

  • Hanuman by Laura47 (for Karita Wyr)


  • Sleepwalker by talitha78 (for Gianduja Kiss)

Red Dwarf

  • Every Star You Chase by rhoboat (for thingswithwings)

Return to Oz

  • Fitz & Dizzyspells by sweetestdrain (for Azar)
  • Memory Lane by Apatheia Jane (for Kitty)


  • Samson by bisclaveret (for daybreak777)


  • When You're Strange by colls (for kuwdora)

Slings and Arrows

  • tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow by ghost lingering (for Nicole Anell)

So You Think You Can Dance

  • Feel It by Milly (for SDWolfpup)

Sons of Anarchy

  • Gemma - Murder by Regen Child (for sabaceanbabe)

Sound of Music

  • Lullabye for a Stormy Night by Barkley (for cupidsbow)

Stingray (1986)

  • The Driver by feochadn (for talitha78)

Thoroughly Modern Millie

  • Move Your Feet by countessmary (for Apatheia Jane)


  • Thoughtcrimes trailer by Valika (for Tanja)

Twin Peaks

  • Passenger Fever by hollywoodgrrl (for sweetestdrain)

The Vampire Diaries

  • AEIOU by Gianduja Kiss (for Greensilver)
  • Meddle by bop_radar (for Regen Child)
  • Names by thuvia ptarth (for Greensilver)


  • Mr Blue Sky by Charmax (for Sammy aka jagwriter78)


  • Afraid of Americans by bionic (for meiou_set (aria t))

West Wing

  • Vita Nostra: Our Life by daybreak777 (for Anoel)

White Collar

  • Let's Misbehave by Greensilver (for Sica)

Wilby Wonderful

  • I Would Walk (500 Miles) by Diana Williams (for renenet)

Wild Wild West - 1965

  • Stand By Your Man by Jackie K (for deejay)

Withnail & I

  • Contra Mundum? by Sica (for feochadn)

Master List With Reveals for 2009, Archived version