3:10 to Yuma

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Name: 3:10 to Yuma
Abbreviation(s): Yuma
Creator: Elmore Leonard (author)
Date(s): 1953 (original short story), 1957 (first movie), 2007 (second movie)
Medium: short story, film
Country of Origin: United States of America
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Elmore Leonard's short story Three-Ten to Yuma was published in 1953; four years later, the first movie based on his work was released. In 2007, a second movie directed by James Mangold and starring Russell Crowe and Christian Bale was released. This version has a small but active fandom that works primarily through Live Journal and Yuletide.



Because of the on-screen chemistry between leading men Crowe and Bale (who played Ben Wade and Dan Evans respectively), the Yuma fandom writes predominantly slash fanfiction. Ben Foster deliberately played his character Charlie Prince, a member of Wade's gang, as being obsessed with Wade, and many fans explore the possible sexually relationship between the two characters.


The first Yuma community on Live Journal was threetentrain, which was created on September 8, 2007 by chwheeler. The first and only Ben/Dan community, The Bridal Suite, was created on November 16, 2007 and is currently maintained by baggeyes.

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