Ben Wade/Dan Evans

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Pairing: Ben Wade/Dan Evans
Alternative name(s): Ben/Dan, Wade/Evans
Gender category: Slash
Fandom: 3:10 to Yuma
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Common
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The on-screen chemistry between Russell Crowe's notorious outlaw Ben Wade and Christian Bale's solemn Dan Evans inspired some fen to interpret their complex relationship as romantic. While not as active as it was at the movie's release, the fandom still participates in Yuletide and shares fanworks at communities at LiveJournal and Dreamwidth.

Relationship in canon

At first distrustful of Ben Wade, as Dan Evans accompanies the man to the town of Contention he eventually learns to trust him. Despite the fact that Wade is being marched to his execution, he teases and talks to Evans throughout the trip. He kills two of the other men in the posse, but saves Evans. Possibly the most notable scene of the movie for slash fans, however, is when Wade is locked in the bridal suite of a hotel with Evans. As their journey ends, Evans confides in Wade his secret motivation for volunteering to undertake the difficult task of escorting Wade. A sympathetic Wade relents and instead of taking the opportunity to escape, runs with Evans to the train that will bring Wade to prison.

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