Miracles (TV series)

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Name: Miracles
Creator: Richard Hatem
Date(s): 2003
Medium: Television series
Country of Origin: US
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Sodalitas Quaerito Miracles - Official Fansite

Ship Manifesto Alva Keel/Paul Callan
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Miracles is an American fantasy-horror television series that ran for just six episodes on ABC in 2003; promised episodes were bumped for coverage about Operation: Desert Storm until it was finally taken off the schedule entirely, with seven unaired episodes still to go in the US. The series centered around Paul Callan (Skeet Ulrich), a man who had left the seminary but who had continued to work for the Catholic Church investigating claims of miracles. When he becomes disillusioned and confused after being brought back, miraculously, from the dead and the church is uninterested in pursuing his claims, he joins up with two investigators working for the group Sodalitas Quaerito (Latin for "Brotherhood in Search of Truth"): Alva Keel (Angus MacFadyen) and Evelyn Santos (Marisa Ramirez).

When Paul was dying, he saw the words "God Is Now Here" written in his blood. Keel presents to him the fact that many other people have seen such "hemography," except they have seen "God Is Nowhere." This becomes a central tenet in the series, and of course in the fandom, as well.

A complete DVD set was released a few years after the series was cancelled in the US.

Miracles Fandom

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Few people saw the series when it originally aired on ABC, so much of the fandom developed by exposure to fanworks that later resulted in fans seeking out the series once it became available through other sources (file-sharing or the subsequent release of the DVDs).

Online Communities

Notable fanworks


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Crossovers with Supernatural are a quite popular (for the fandom's size) subsection of Miracles fandom, in particular Dean/Paul slash, which is archived on the Brokeback Mothman site.

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