Darkness, Darkness

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Title: Darkness, Darkness
Creator: Gwyneth and Jo
Date: 2003
Format: VCR vid
Length: 4:01
Music: Darkness, Darkness by Richard Shindell
Fandom: Miracles
Footage: Miracles
URL: vid online
The words "God is now here" written in blood

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"Darkness, darkness be my blanket
Cover me with this endless night
Take away, oh, this pain of knowing
Fill this emptiness with light
Emptiness with light now." ~ lyrics

Darkness, Darkness is a fanvid made by gwyneth and Jo and shown at Vividcon 2003 for the first time. It is considered an excellent example of a recruiter vid.[1]

Vidder's summary: "God is now here, or God is nowhere -- it's hard to tell in the nightmarish world of Paul Callan."


  • "Astonishingly creepy. Also one of the few vids I've seen where color palette was almost the first thing I noticed (normally I have to focus focus focus during about a third watching to pick up on color stuff, because my brain is dumb about color). This is not a vid I want to watch over and over (did I mention the creepy?), but it's definitely a vid that impressed me."[2]
  • "So what was it that I liked so much?... The story was intriguing, yet accessible for people who had absolutely zero knowledge of the show. The visuals were fascinating and really complemented the song choice (although to this day the eyes on the body near the start of the vid still creep me out!). I loved the way that the excitement built as you moved from the nighttime crash, to the blood rain and then the coach exploding. I loved the way you were drawn into the mystery of the show, especially with the God is Coming/God is Now Here/God is Nowhere scenes. I loved following the main characters search for answers and some of the quieter character moments that helped flesh him out.I'm also sure that this vid can be enjoyed on any number of other levels, but my brain only tends to be wired to the visceral and storytelling aspects which it delivers by the truckload. In the end it provided me with the inspiration of what can be accomplished with relatively straightforward editing and an excellent eye for storytelling. which I felt even this newbie couldn't help but aspire to."[3]
  • "Another one that people can't stop talking about. I was won over before it even started, since I'm an ardent Richard Shindell fan. I was also fortunate in that Deb had previously explained the plot of Miracles to me, but even without that context I'm quite sure I would have been blown away. This is premier storytelling, every clip chosen for maximum impact, the overall effect chilling and seductive."[4]
  • "This was the only Miracles vid I knew of for a long time, and I was okay with that, because this? Is THE Miracles vid for me. You don't need to know the show to get the vid -- in fact, one of my favorite things is being at a con where this is being shown to an audience that for the most part doesn't know Miracles, to watch people get sucked in (which takes roughly 10 seconds)."[5]


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