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Name: L'Abattoir
Members: gwyneth, Jo, gwyn and Jo, Gwyneth Rhys
Focus: Vidding
Fandoms: Mag7, Deadwood, Miracles, Charlie Jade, and dozens more
External Links: http://www.gwynethr.net
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A vidding group composed primarily of Gwyneth Rhys and Jo, but often including other vidders, either in collaboration or solo. The two primary vidders met through vidding as part of the Media Cannibals vidding collective. As of October 2008, they had four DVD vid collections available.

The original vid collection, Don't Fight in the Snow, was so named because of a comment someone made about Jo's groundbreaking vid for Band of Brothers, Ebben? Ne Andro Lontana, that they didn't understand the purpose of the vid, and was it supposed to be saying, "War is hell? Don't fight in the snow?" All their subsequent vid collections have used variations on this first title: Bride of Don't Fight in the Snow, Son of Don't Fight in the Snow, Godzilla vs Don't Fight in the Snow.