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Name: Gwyneth Rhys
Alias(es): gwyneth, gwynethr, gwyn_r, gwyn, thegwynvids, teatotally
Type: vidder writer
Fandoms: BtVS, Professionals, Mag7, X-Files, The Fast and the Furious, La Femme Nikita, Angel, Firefly, Miami Vice, Torchwood, many many more
Other: Tea at the Ford (discussion list)
Chez Gwyn (fiction site)
Vids by Gwyneth and friends
URL: gwyneth at AO3
gwyn at Dreamwidth
gwyn_r at LiveJournal
teatotally at Tumblr
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Gwyneth Rhys has been writing fanfiction since 1994. She is also a vidder (since 1994) with the Media Cannibals and L'Abattoir. She edits and contributes entries in fanlore as Gwyneth.

She got interviewed by dragolyn and onetwomany in Way TMI: A 2003 Interview with Gwyneth Rhys.

She was the subject of a October, 2010 Vidder Profile: Vidder Profile Spotlight: Gwyneth Rhys. The spotlight follows her from her Media Cannibals days through many of her more recent vids, including The Twilight Zone (Charlie Jade), Super Bon Bon (The Fast and the Furious), and Darkness, Darkness (Miracles).

In 2017 she submitted remarks to the Re:Create Coalition which were then later included in the Videlicit ezine about vidding:

I think one of the reasons that vidding is looked down upon is because it’s largely a female pursuit. I’ve seen more and more guys doing what we consider fan vidding, but it’s still largely a female pursuit. Generally, women are used to not seeing the stories we want in the media…we’re used to recontextualizing things for ourselves or making it our own. We also know that the people who produce movies and TV shows are usually men and rarely interested in the kinds of stories that we’re interested in examining the way vids can allow you to: you can make a more intimate story or a character study or focus on visual aspects. Hollywood caters to the male gaze; they care more about explosions and superheroes beating the crap out of each other, but a lot of times fans would much rather have a story about two characters in a relationship, or they want to examine something that made a character who they are, or they might believe a character’s queer, for instance, and want to represent that, or a woman who is relegated to the background can become the kickass central focus of a story in a way she’d never get to in the source. We know we’ll never get to see that normally, and that’s the cool thing about vidding–we find music that can tell the story we want to tell, and then we put the visuals together with it and voila–we have an entirely new tale.[1]

She wrote Big Bad Love: Thoughts on Buffy and Spike in "Beneath You".

Blanket Statement

I give blanket and enthusiastic permission to podfic, translate, rec, or create fanart of my fanfiction, just please let me know so I can be super!excite! and link to the work!

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