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Title: Vidder Profiles
Creator: bradcpu
Date(s): 2009 - ?
Medium: fan documentaries
Fandom: vidding
External Links: Vidder Profiles at Vid_Commentary
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Vidder Profiles are a series of short documentary films by and about vidders made in the Vid_Commentary community. Each profile features "excerpts from the vidder's work from throughout the years along with an interview with the vidder about his or her style, approach, and general thoughts on vidding."

Editor bradcpu has said that he hopes the profiles, "can give us not only a little more insight into the minds of the featured vidders, but more perspective on our own work and the nature of vidding in general. It already has for me!" [1]

The profiles now have their own YouTube channel: vidderprofile.

List of Profiles:

Additional Vidders Interviewed


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