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Name: dragonchic
Alias(es): bananainpyjamas
Type: fan, vidder
Fandoms: comics & superheroes, SCC, SV, BSG, ATLA, Heroes, FNL, HP, Gossip Girl, Psych
Communities: Friendly Neighborhood Video Awards
URL: modern-mythology.com, LJ
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dragonchic, a.k.a. bananainpyjamas, is a prolific vidder known for her action vids, particularly those featuring superheroes, though she has also made a number of TV, movie, and other vids. Inspired to try her hands by vids she saw posted on a Justice League Unlimited forum, she started vidding in late 2005. She was later inspired by Smallville vidders and their style of fast-cutting, though she's now more interested in a variety of aesthetics and song choices.

She is the moderator of the Friendly Neighborhood Video Awards, a seasonal multi-fandom award "dedicated to increased transparency in judging and named after a certain wall-crawling superhero that happens to be very near and dear to the judge's heart." [1]

dragonchic was the subject of Vid_Commentary's second Vidder Profile, a series of documentary films made by and about vidders. It was released in September, 2009 and directed by bradcpu:[2] see Vidder Profile Spotlight: bananainpajamas.

Notable vids:


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