Friendly Neighborhood Video Awards

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Name: Friendly Neighborhood Video Awards
Dates: 2007 - present
Type: vidding tournament
Fandom: vidding
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Run by dragonchic (and, formerly, co-modded by bradcpu), the Friendly Neighborhood Video Awards is a vidding tournament "dedicated to increased transparency in judging and named after a certain wall-crawling superhero that happens to be very near and dear to the judge's heart."

The FNVA puts vids in contest with each other tournament style, and is known for the explicitness of its rules of judgment, which are elaborated in great depth on the sites judging process page. These include "Stage One", which in which the judge checks "for basic mastery of key vidding techniques" like pace, musicality, scene selection, and editing, as well as a lack of lip-movement aka talky-face, and "Stage Two", which is a "stricter, more nuanced" version of pace, musicality, etc.

FNVA tournaments have so far been held in 2007, 2008, and 2009.