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Name: Yuletart
Date(s): 2007-2013
Moderator: bzzinglikeneon, Glockgal, itsbeenvery
Founder: Glockgal
Type: Secret Santa
Fandom: multifandom
URL: "livejournal". Archived from the original on 2009-12-23.
"tumblr". Archived from the original on 2016-05-16.

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Yuletart was an anonymous giftart exchange that was held during the winter holiday season. It was a multifandom exchange, but excluded Harry Potter fanart, because an abundance of HP art exchanges already existed.

Eligible fandoms were determined during the nomination period in early September, with artist sign-ups in October and gifts posted in December through the beginning of January. It allowed fanart created using traditional and digital media, but excluded graphics such as icons and manips.[1]


Yuletart started in 2007 to "joy of giving between fanartists." It was held annually until 2011, which did not have an exchange.[2] Yuletart returned in 2012, when it moved from LiveJournal to Dreamwidth. 2013 was the last year of the Yuletart exchange.

Yuletart moderators include: Glockgal, bzzinglikeneon, geewhiz, alchemy, rural_juror, thoracopagus, itsbeenvery.


[glockgal]: And thank you to all the participants who made this Yuletart fun and unique and an excellent pick-me-up during my hermitage! What an inspiration it was this year to be surprised and delighted with each new entry. And I got to take home some technical artistic technique notes as well. WIN.[3]

[turlough]: This is the first year I've actively followed yuletide instead of just looking at whatever pieces I've seen recced and I'm so happy I decided to do it, it's such a wonderful challenge. There's been such a wealth of art being posted, in styles and media I would never have guessed could be used for fanart. I'm totally impressed by all the awesome artists and by how smoothly the challenge has been run. Congratulations to all you mods and thank you for providing me with such a treat all through December![4]

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