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Name: Glockgal
Type: fanartist
Fandoms: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Harry Potter, Supernatural, DC Comics, popslash, X-Force, Generation X
Communities: artbeta, racebending, yuletart
URL: on LJ, DW, glockart, Leaky Cauldron profile
everyflavour (personal art site), Tumblr.
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Glockgal is a fanartist who has created artwork for myriad fandoms, including DC Comics and Harry Potter.

The wrote Drawing Characters of Colour.


Fanart Use Policy

Glockgal's art journal FAQ states:

- If you want to make an icon or avatar for LJ or anything else, feel free. Don't worry about asking unless it's a commission. I'd love if you credited the art to glockgal

- If you want to archive, make a banner or graphic or repost or anything else other than icons, please email and ask me first! Usually, I'll say yes, with crediting; I mostly just like to know where and what my art's being used for.

Example Art