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Name: Glockgal
Type: fanartist
Fandoms: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Harry Potter, Supernatural, DC Comics, popslash, X-Force, Generation X
Communities: artbeta, racebending, yuletart, CFAN, OTL
URL: on LJ, DW, glockart, Leaky Cauldron profile
everyflavour (personal art site), Tumblr.
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Glockgal is a fanartist who has created artwork for myriad fandoms, including Marvel and DC Comics and Harry Potter. Along with Quincunx, she maintained the Comicbook Fanart Archive huBsite, the comics fanart equivalent of CFAN.

They wrote Drawing Characters of Colour.


Fanart Use Policy

Glockgal's art journal FAQ states:

- If you want to make an icon or avatar for LJ or anything else, feel free. Don't worry about asking unless it's a commission. I'd love if you credited the art to glockgal

- If you want to archive, make a banner or graphic or repost or anything else other than icons, please email and ask me first! Usually, I'll say yes, with crediting; I mostly just like to know where and what my art's being used for.

Example Art


Glockgal's work is archived all over the internet, including the following sites: