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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Remnants, subtitled "Harry Potter Slash Fan Fiction by Mosh", later "fanworks by Mosh"
Author: Mosh
Dates: 2004 – 2011
Fandom: Harry Potter, Peter Pan, Saiyuki, Bleach, Kyou Kara Maou, Yami no Matsuei, Loveless, Prince of Tennis, Meine Liebe, Brokeback Mountain, Shounen Onmyouji, others
URL: offline, previously:
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Remnants is Mosh's fanfiction, fanart, and recs website. The site was opened in May 2004 as a site for Mosh's Harry Potter slash fiction, and eventually became the multifandom home to all of Mosh's fanworks.

Remnants was part of the All Harry Potter Slash and Harry Potter For Adults webrings. Its 2005 site description read:

Adult Harry Potter slash (male/male) fan fiction and fan art by Mosh. There are many different pairings and categories, so feel free to have a browse! Mostly NC-17. Also features a fan art page, a link to my LiveJournal, other slash site links, and LJ icons. :)[1]

The site had a Yahoo! group for update announcements, mosh_updates, started in July 2005.[2]


Remnants was opened in May 2004 with temporary webspace provided by stick_around.[3] In addition to Mosh's Harry Potter fanfiction, it also initially hosted LiveJournal icons by Mosh, Mekare, and Lise. A few months after the site's opening, Mosh added a separate Peter Pan section to the site, although this was taken down in April 2005.[4]

In August 2004, the site moved to SlashCity.[5] A fan art page was added to the site around this time. In August 2005, the site was given a new layout designed by Sarvihaara and featuring Sirius/Harry fanart by Duckpuppy.[6]

Fanfiction for other fandoms as well as a recs page were added by 2007. A new layout by Sarvi featured Sirius/James artwork by Glockgal.[7] In mid 2007, the site moved to Snarky Slytherin Network with webspace provided by Mairi Nathaira.[8] Remnants was officially revamped as a multi-fandom slash fanfiction and art archive, prominently featuring several of anime and manga fandoms. A new layout created by Mosh featured Genjyo Sanzo from Saiyuki.[9]

The site was updated as late as April 2010.[10] In 2011, the site was taken down, with a note that Mosh was "considering whether to continue running Remnants".[11]

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