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Name: Harry Potter Slash
Date Founded: April 16, 2001 – July 2009[1] (possibly)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Focus: Slash
URL: Ring hub (harrypotterslas2) (wayback)
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Harry Potter Slash, also known as All Harry Potter Slash, is a webring for all Harry Potter slash fanfiction and fanart sites.

Member Sites

Website descriptions are taken from the ring hub page:

  • Beren's Harry Potter Fanfic and Art - A place for my HP fanfic and art, mostly Harry/Draco.
  • Betsanne's Fiction - My webpage is mainly for my fanfiction. I have Smallville and Harry Potter fiction. I am always adding more.
  • Canis et Lupus - SBxRL fanfiction.
  • Canis Lupus Amatoris - A site of fanfiction featuring all slash pairings of the Harry Potter fandom.
  • Chance's Archive - A collection of slash based fan fiction and music videos, with a large Harry Potter section that is mostly based around Snape.
  • Daedal - A slash archive focusing on Percy/Oliver and pairings containing Draco Malfoy, but accepts everything with open arms.
  • The Dancing Skeleton - My personal page, with a large slash section. This is divided into two parts an archive of my own slash and rec pages for slash archived elsewhere or other archives of note. Harry Potter is one of the growing number of fandoms I have on my page :)
  • Dark Side of the Moon: A Marauder Slash Archive - Archive strictly for the marauder era, featuring... :::drumroll::: MOONY! WORMTAIL! PADFOOT! PRONGS! Eh, and we'll throw Snape and Lucius in too, happy now?
  • Dungen Letters - Dungeon Letters is a new slash site concerning HP related same gender fanfiction. We need members who desire to post their stories. Our main boards are for general discussions, the stories will be posted on password protected boards. Passwords will be issued to registered members - contact admin for PW protected board creation for stories.
  • Evil Manor - A German/English slash-site with a touch of het and gen. Focus on Harry Potter, Weiß Kreuz and Angel&Buffy but also original stuff. Fics and pics.
  • Fae Illusions - Home to my original fiction as well as fanfiction. The fandoms I write for run the gamut from Labyrinth to Weiß Kreuz, with Harry Potter and Final Fantasy in between. Both Het and Slash fic can be found here. Site also includes various character profiles, and muse interactions.
  • Fire & Ice: Ron/Draco Slash Archive - All things Ron/Draco. 87 authors and 12 artists so far... frequently updated. Please come read or just drool. Also a LJ Community.
  • First Time's a Charm slash - Archive of the First Time's a Charm slash list at yahoo m/group/first_times_a_ charm_slash/) First Time slash stories in nearly 50 fandoms, some original stories, too. Any fandom, any pairing accepted. You can join the list or mail me directly if you want a story published.
  • GMTH's HP Fan Fic Page - Harry Potter fan fic of all types: slash, het and gen. Rated PG through NC-17. Something for everyone! Mainly Snape/Hermione, Snape/Harry and Harry/Lucius.
  • Harry Potter and the Plantarium - Harry Potter fanarts site featuring Sirius/Remus, with more characters to come in future. Implied(?) slash.
  • Harry Potter Slash Boards - A message board for discussion of Harry Potter slash relationships.
  • Hermione Ginny Fanfic Archive - An arcive for Hermione/Ginny slash fics, open for submissions but basically for the yahoo! group
  • The Hex Files - A Harry/Draco Slash Archive.
  • hibi-esque dot com - Hibiscus' non-profit-making, GPA-killing, slash-friendly, Harry Potter fanart site.
  • Himeko Himura's Fantasy World - author page, rec page, LotR, HP, anime
  • IceKat & FyrToehhers; HP & DM Slash - "You must come to realize that I am Voldemort's moral opposition. I will not stand by and do nothing, too many lives have already been lost, and more must not be bartered with any longer. With Draco by my side, we will be much stronger and the Light will conquer Voldemort and his minions."
  • Ink Stained Fingers - A Harry Potter Slash archive. All slash, all the time, any pairings accepted. No rules against violence, bestiality, or nudity in artwork.
  • imLittleLily: Paranormal Wyrdsmythe - My pen name is imLittleLily. I would like to invite you to visit my newest little addition on the internet. I have created this portal for the express purpose of giving access to my Harry/Draco fanfic. My story; Beauty in Perfection; Stand By Me, was a muddle of ideas that bounced around in my head, like our dearest ferret, for almost a year.
  • Immortalitas Regnum - A fanfiction recommendation site that holds mostly slash pairings, also with an awards section!
  • Just Because - my slash fics - Diverse fandoms, RPS, and originals. Clearly separated.
  • Lady Mondegreen's Bower - Lady Mondegreen's fan fiction. Fandoms include Harry Potter, Smallville and Due South, mostly slash with a smattering of gen and het.
  • Lilith Connor: Author & Avatar - Split into 2 sections: Undercurrents - a Harry Potter slash fanfiction archive, many pairings, all ratings + Lupus et Serpens - a site dedicated to my Slytherin alter-ego.
  • The Midnight Library - The place for all my slash/yaoi fanfics (Legacy of Kain, Star Wars, Harry Potter, DragonBall) and original slash vampire stories. Various rating.
  • Munky's Cage of Yaoiness - A site for yaoi/slash fanfiction, original fanart, shrines, and obsessive compulsions. Works here range from G-NC-17, so please use the best judgement in what you view. Harry Potter fiction includes pairings such as Cho/Ginny, Harry/Draco, Percy/Neville, Bill/Charlie, and Draco/Snape.
  • Myr's Site - Harry Potter and the Parliament of Dreams novel-length Slash fiction: Harry/Draco amongst many others.
  • Nocturne Alley - ITALIAN site for Harry Potter Slash fics and art
  • Noire Sensus - A yaoi/slash fan site with a huge fanfiction archive for Final Fantasy VIII and IX, Harry Potter, Fushigi Yuugi, Lord of the Rings, Tekken, and more. Submissions accepted. Also holds interactive media, character information and image galleries. Boasts an ever-expanding Quotes Archive.
  • Nuit De Yaoi - Slash/Yaoi/Shonen-ai site archiving stories written by Akemi. Includes mostly Harry Potter, Yugioh, Dragonball Z, Gundam Wing, and miscellaneous works.
  • Of Wizards & Elves - HP fan fic site. Also will be home to original elf and dwarf stories. Currently I am the only one writing :( HP fan fics accept all ships, including hetro, though leans more toward gay-bi relationships. All ratings are also accepted.
  • The Parapet - A site dedicated to slash fanfic and fanart involving Severus Snape and Remus Lupin.
  • Project Serpent Sortia - A site containing HP slash, mostly Lucius/Severus and Sirius/Remus, as well as a host of fanart and other fun things.
  • Pumpkin Juice - My original artwork, Harry Potter, LotR and Manga fanart. Contains Shonen Ai!! ;D
  • Remnants - Harry Potter slash (male/male) fan fiction and fan art by Mosh. There are many different pairings and categories, so feel free to have a browse! Mostly NC-17 rated. Stories, art, icons, links and my LiveJournal all available. :)
  • SBxRL - A fanart site dedicated to Sirius/Remus art by Kagami, Cyberhell and Wenz!! :)
  • Serendipity - A fanfiction review site with many different fandoms (ex. Harry potter, Lord of the rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc.)
  • Shinigami's Journal - An up-and-coming fanfiction Archive. It now contains fics from Harry Potter and Gundam Wing, but any pairing, het or slash, will be accepted after it is approved. Also any fandom is accepted, even Original. This page is mostly slash oriented, although it contains some het fics. *smiles* So come and visit!
  • Smeared Silver, an archive of RainShadow's work -slash- - This website contains original, fanfiction, and slash fanfiction works by the author RainShadow. I'm very partial to Harry/Draco and Seamus/anyone. The count of HP slash stories on my site is ten and growing. Check it out!
  • Something to Fight For - My HP fan fic site.
  • The Sweetest Poison Of All - Site dedicated to Severus Snape.Site contains SLASH Fan Vids and a collection of SLASH Fan Art, some NC-17, so be advised.Accepting fanart/fanfic submissions and video requests.
  • Tales of the Dragon - Draeconin's H/D slash fanfiction, and well over 50 HP wallpapers.
  • Void of the Psyche - v3.0 - Fanfic oriented over multipul fandoms. Most HP fic are Harry/Draco. Home of Digi Potter.
  • Works of Winter - Home of Forloyn Winter the Viper, Author of "Trapped in my Mind", "Lion", "The Dark Lord's Son", Tale of Two Rings". Harry/Draco Slash


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