The Midnight Library

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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: The Midnight Library
Author: Akane (Isa Akane B.)
Dates: 26 January 2003 – 05 March 2005 (last updated); online until 2009
Fandom: Legacy of Kain, Star Wars: TPM, Harry Potter, DragonBall, Original Fiction
URL: (offline; archived by the Wayback Machine)
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The Midnight Library was Isa Akane B.'s personal yaoi/slash fanfiction page.

The fanfiction pages for each fandom also linked to Akane's fanart sites.

The site belonged to the webrings Fanfic Assimilation, Harry Potter Slash, Legacy of Kain - Webring, Dragonball Yaoi, Original Slash Fanfiction, and justbecause.

The Midnight Library as it appeared in 2009.



  1. Disclaimer at The Midnight Library warning page.