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Name: The Parapet
Date(s): ? – 12/03/2003 (last update)
Archivist: Eline
Type: Slash
Fandom: Harry Potter
The Parapet.png
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The Parapet is a Snape/Lupin slash archive with fanfiction, fanart and links. It has a section for non-Lupin/Snape pairings and it's a member of The Harry Potter Slash Web Ring.

It was also a member of Harry Potter For Adults Harry Potter For Adults and the Harry Potter : Platform 9 3/4 webring.[1]

Warning: This page contains slash fics (i.e.: same-sex relationships) and other ideas that may disturb you. You should (preferably) be 18 and above (actually, this depends where you come from and everything's relative anyhow--use your discretion) and not offended by the idea of slash (involving partners of the same sex) fiction before consenting to enter the site. If not, please head this way and find something more to your liking. By clicking below, you will agree not to hold the owner of this website or the webhost responsible for your actions from this point onwards
About the archivist:
An opinionated bitch. Widely thought to be weird by conventional standards. She is also a poor undergraduate student who has led a double life online as a fanfic writer and amateur "artist" (term used loosely) since 1999. She was introduced to slash at the age of sixteen when she read Buffy fanfics (and life has never been the same ever since). She is now primarily into Velvet Goldmine (actually, any pretty boy fanfics will do), Star Wars and Harry Potter slash. She has written and archived much, much more kid-friendly fanfics and still continues to do so on a number of much, much more kid-friendly sites.[2]


Slashy Links to HP slashfics and more.[1]

Slash-related HP links

Fanart example from the guest art gallery of The Parapet. Art by Satsuki. Caption: Snape with Lupin in werewolf form. One, two, three . . . "Awww . . ."

Non-Slash Links

Not Exactly HP Slash


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