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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Magical Intrigue
Author: Rhysenn
Dates: 2000 - 2009 or later
Fandom: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Lotrips, Pirates of the Caribbean RPS, Alias, X-Men
main page, 2005
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Magical Intrigue (Rhysenn's Slash Fiction Archive) was a personal slash fanfiction site. It was the owner of The Harry Potter Slash Web Ring[1]. Website description from the webring:

Magical Intrigue - Archive of all my HP fiction -- series, standalone fics, gen, het (D/Hr) as well as of course, slash! A wide variety of pairings abound -- Harry/Draco, Sirius/Remus, Harry/Ron, Draco/Ron, James/Lucius... fun stuff, people! *grin* Also available: Shipper Buttons! Flaunt your favourite ship, get a button to show for it![2]

From untapped beauty[3]:

Magical Intrigue - This site houses the fiction (slash and het) of Rhysenn, my favorite Harry Potter slash writer. You can find Irresistible Poison, one of the most popular Harry/Draco series, here. Amazing stuff.[4]

From The Parapet:

Magical Intrigue. Rhysenn's gorgeous fanfic site with fab art work![5]



Harry Potter


Mischief Manifest [ Harry/Fred/George, Remus/Harry ~ NC-17 ] Remus discovers that the Map truly never lies, while Harry... makes other discoveries.

Fade To Light [ Harry/Draco ~ R ] Harry Potter is only human. Set immediately after Order of the Phoenix.

Time and Eternity [ Harry/Draco ~ PG-13 ] Harry knows exactly what will happen when he kisses Draco. Or so he thinks. Written just before the release of Order of the Phoenix.

When You Say Nothing At All [ Harry/Draco ~ PG-13 ] A birthday fic in honour of Harry's 21st birthday, on the 31st of July, 2001. Sometimes, wishes do come true...

Raincoat!Draco [ Harry/Draco ~ PG-13 ] Draco shows up on the doorstep of #4 Privet Drive wearing nothing but a raincoat and rubber boots. It doesn't get any better than this.

Sometimes When We Touch [ Harry/Draco ~ PG-13 ] When goodbye is the hardest word. (Written as a personal response to the 9-11 tragedy.)

Draco Malfoy's Christmas Wish [ Harry/Draco ~ PG-13 ] Harry gives Draco an interesting Christmas surprise, and the yuletide cheer gets around in ways that're naughty and nice.

Chained [ Harry/Draco ~ PG-13 ] A vignette. Harry learns the pain of willing sacrifice, and how he can never let go of Draco, whatever the costs.

Candid Camera [ Harry/Draco ~ PG-13 ] A vignette. Harry gets coy, Draco gets protective, and Colin Creevey... deals in porn?

Measure of Worth [ Harry/Draco ~ PG-13 ] Sequel to Slave Of Darkness. Draco learns life on the Dark Side and the sacrifices he has to make along the way.

Night of the Round Table [ Harry/Draco ~ PG-13 ] Things seem more complicated than they are when Harry and Draco serve detention class together.

Dreams of Quidditch [ Harry/Oliver ~ PG-13 ] Oliver Wood learns there are more important things in life than winning.

Shadows of Light [ Draco/Ron ~ PG-13 ] Draco makes Ron realize that he deserves better than to stand in the shadow of his friends.

A Different Kind of Loneliness [ Percy/Neville ~ PG-13 ] Percy and Neville share a meaningful moment, and realise that deep down inside, they have something in common.

Last Kiss [ Sirius/Remus ~ PG-13 ] Distrust and suspicion can corrode the deepest devotion, and Remus quietly wonders how far romance can withstand reality.

Here With Me [ Sirius/Remus ~ PG-13 ] Sirius and Remus reunite again to rebuild their lives and rediscover the chances they had let slip by.

A Whiter Shade of Pale [ Harry/Draco, James/Lucius ~ R ] There is only one path of reckless passion, which trascends death and hatred, generation after generation.

The Essence of Desire [ James/Lucius, Snape/Lucius ~ R ] The real reason why Snape chose the path of the Death Eaters: love, life and Lucius Malfoy.

The Mirror Never Lies [ Harry/Ron ~ R ] Harry and Ron confront their feelings for each other, and the Mirror of Erised makes itself useful (not in a kinky way).

The Morning After [ Sirius/Remus, Snape/Remus ~ R ] Severus corners Remus at an inopportune time, and Sirius and Remus realise their unspoken feelings for each other.

Taken By Force (WIP) [ Harry/Draco ~ R ] Post-Hogwarts; they're both 19. Things change, people change even more... features dominant!Harry & submissive!Draco.

Windswept Feelings (WIP) [ Draco, Harry, Seamus, Ron ~ R ] A neat little love rectangle with a colourful choice of pairings between the four stars: Draco, Harry, Seamus, and Ron.

  • Chapter 1: When Love Blossoms
  • Chapter 2: Just Say the Words
  • Chapter 3: Desperate Measures
  • Chapter 4: Almost Had It All

Stolen Moments [ Lucius/James ~ NC-17 ] Lucius and James steal a moment of heated passion.

Forbidden Want [ Lucius/Harry ~ NC-17 ] Lucius learns why the forbidden fruit is always the sweetest.

Patris Est Filius [ Lucius/Draco ~ NC-17 ] Translated, 'he is his father's son'. Draco finds out just how exacting Lucius Malfoy really is. Warning: Non-consensual sex, Incest


Blood, Tears and Drowning Fears [ Draco/Hermione ~ PG ] A Draco/Hermione romance trilogy. Nothing is but what it seems, and Draco and Hermione learn a few things about the anomalous behaviour of feelings with blood, tears and drowning fears.

  • Chapter 1: First Step
  • Chapter 2: Falling
  • Chapter 3: Love Floats

Drakonidae [ Draco/Hermione ~ PG ] Different facets of love, life, dragons and Draco Malfoy.


Every You, Every Me [ Lucius POV ~ PG ] Beneath layers of denial and concealment, being Lucius Malfoy isn't easy at all, when pain and torture counts for nothing and everything on the scales of his own conscience. Inspired by the song "Every You, Every Me", by Placebo.

Slave of Darkness [ Draco POV ~ PG ] Draco receives the Dark Mark, a brand that marks him flesh and soul, a path his had no choice in taking. The sequel is Measure of Worth.

The Bitterest Night [ Sirius POV ~ PG ] Sirius' account of events that took place on the night of James and Lily's death, etched in heartbreaking detail and regret.

Mind, Body and Soul [ Remus POV ~ PG ] Left to pick up the shattered remains of his life, Remus Lupin contemplates the situation after James and Lily's death.

Someday [ ?? / ?? ~ PG ] Sometimes, all you can do is watch from a distance. Guess the POV and pairing!

Amidst the Differences [ Remus & Snape ~ PG ] Remus Lupin and Severus Snape share a quiet moment that melts the hostility between them.

Slytherin Pride (WIP) [ Alternate Universe ~ PG ] What if the Sorting Hat had made a different decision? In this series, Harry experiences how life is like in Slytherin, which is decidedly more colourful given the presence of Draco Malfoy. Is Harry destined for a path of dubious greatness?

  • Chapter 1: The Sorting Hat
  • Chapter 2: An Unlikely Pair
  • Chapter 3: Redemption
  • Chapter 4: Second Chances

Real Person Slash

Lord of the Rings

Swordspoint [ David Wenham/Elijah Wood ~ PG-13 ] David can't help turning away. Elijah wants to know why. Inspired by David Wenham's comments in the TTT cast commentary.

Complement [ David Wenham/Elijah Wood ~ NC-17 ] David tells his mind to fuck off, and Elijah reaps the benefits. Sequel to Swordspoint.

Shadows [ Elijah Wood POV ~ G ] Shadows are a comforting alternative to the light. An Elijah drabble.

Halfway Around the Globe [ David Wenham/Elijah Wood ~ PG-13 ] In honour of LOTR's sweep of the Golden Globes, during which Elijah introduces ROTK.

Divergence [ David Wenham/Elijah Wood ~ NC-17 ] Sacrifice is a word that can mean many things.

Past and Present [ Johnny Depp/Orlando Bloom/Viggo Mortensen ~ NC-17 ] LOTR/POTC crossover. Orlando is forced to deal with his past and present in ways beyond his darkest imagination. Warning: Very. Dark. Contains non-consensual sex, violence and threesomes. Proceed with caution.

Pirates of the Caribbean

No Promises [ Johnny Depp/Orlando Bloom ~ R ] You can't break promises you never made.

Possession [ Johnny Depp/Orlando Bloom ~ R ] "Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate."

Light [ Johnny Depp/Orlando Bloom ~ R ] There's something about the darkness and Orlando that Johnny can't get enough of.

Past and Present [ Johnny Depp/Orlando Bloom/Viggo Mortensen ~ NC-17 ] LOTR/POTC crossover. Orlando is forced to deal with his past and present in ways beyond his darkest imagination. Warning: Very. Dark. Contains non-consensual sex, violence and threesomes. Proceed with caution.

X-Men 2

The Absence of Black [ Shawn Ashmore/Aaron Stanford ~ PG-13 ] A sweater, a plane flight, and nothing is every black and white anymore.

Lord of the Rings

Hope and Memory [ Faramir/Pippin, Boromir/Faramir ~ PG-13 ] Faramir and Pippin find hope in their shared memories, and each other. Based on the Return of the King movie-verse.

Through Bitter Chains (WIP) [ Aragorn/Legolas, Boromir/Legolas ~ R/NC-17 ] A semi-AU fic. An Elvish slave learns about the ways of Men — who, above all else, desire power.

  • Story notes
  • Chapter One
  • Chapter Two
  • Chapter Three
  • Chapter Four
  • Chapter Five
  • Chapter Six

The Art of Seduction [ Aragorn/Legolas/Haldir ~ NC-17 ] In a secluded glade in Lórien, Aragorn has Haldir and Legolas perfectly under control.

Allegiance [ Aragorn/Haldir ~ PG-13 ] Haldir comes to Helm’s Deep to honour an allegiance to Aragorn, forged during one night they shared in Lórien.

Make Me Forget [ Aragorn/Legolas ~ NC-17 ] Amidst the pain of loss, some tenderness can be found.

Affirmation [ Aragorn/Glorfindel ~ R ] A love long kindled will always burn.


Finding Comfort [ Jack/Vaughn ~ R ] season 1 episode 01: "Truth Be Told" An argument between Jack and Vaughn leads to unexpected moments between them.

Playing Games [ Jack/Sark/Vaughn ~ NC-17 ] season 1 episode 11: "The Confession" Jack and Vaughn are trapped in Sark’s twisted mindgames and forbidden pleasures. A story in four parts.

  • Part One
  • Part Two
  • Part Three
  • Part Four

Here Comes the Flood [ Jack/Will ~ PG-13 ] season 1 episode 22: "Almost Thirty Years" In Taipei, Jack comforts Will after his release.

Aqua Vitae [ Sark/Will ~ R ] season 2 episode 03: "Cipher" On the plane to Taipei. Will asks, Sark answers, and the water of life is so very bittersweet.

This Perfect World [ Vaughn/Will ~ NC-17 ] season 2 episode 03: "Cipher" Will learns that in life, you don't always get what you want.

Salvation [ Jack/Sark ~ PG-13 ] season 2 episode 20: "Countdown" "Then your bitterness and hatred will consume you -- but yet, through it all, you will never stop loving him."

A Different Life [ Sark/Vaughn ~ R ] season 3 episode 20: "Blood Ties" There are many ways to torture a man -- with what was, what is, and what might have been.


Nocturne [ Logan/Bobby/John/Scott ~ NC-17 ] Sex happens. A lot. With a foursome like that, you were expecting...?

Nothing Except the Moment [ Logan/Bobby ~ NC-17 ] Sometimes you just want to feel nothing except the moment. An extended take on my favorite scene in the X2 movie -- jailbait!Bobby, spoon-fetish!Logan and a tub of ice cream.

Hidden Flame [ Bobby/John, Logan/John ~ PG-13 ] Pyro makes a different choice. Set in the X2 movie-verse.

  • Part One
  • Part Two

This story is currently a work-in-progress, and is unlikely to be updated soon.


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