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Name: Alias
Abbreviation(s): None
Creator: J. J. Abrams
Date(s): 2001-2006
Medium: Television
Country of Origin: United States
External Links: IMDB
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Alias is an American spy-action television series.


Sydney Bristow is a graduate student struggling to hold down a full-time job in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, her full-time job is as a spy, flitting around the world with her partner Dixon and performing various spy-related hi jinks. Little does she know that her spy agency is the bad spy agency, and that her distant banker father, Jack, is actually an agent for the good agency, until a kill order goes out for Sydney and she finds herself rescued by her dad.

Sydney has ordinary friends (in or out of the know), an angsty relationship with her handler Michael Vaughn, and enemies, including the babyfaced-sociopath Sark. This being a J. J. Abrams show, the plots tend to make very little sense and regularly hit the reset button. Also, this being a J. J. Abrams show, Greg Grunberg is featured in the series, as nice guy (and Vaughn's partner) Agent Weiss.


In its heyday, the fandom saw modest amounts of fanfic about Sydney's angsty relationships, as well as adventure stories of intrigue. Within the fandom, Jack Bristow came to be known as SpyDaddy and The Motherfucking Man,[1] because he was actually that awesome.

The vast majority of 'shippy fanfic was centered around Sydney's relationship with either her canonical love interest, Vaughn, or rival agent Sark ("sarkney"). The complex history between Jack Bristow and Irina Derevko also captured fans' imaginations; they were a relatively popular source of fanfic.

The introduction of Nadia Santos (Sydney's half-sister) led to the creation of a new pairing: Jack/Nadia, called WowWrongBadHot by fans.

Slash fandom

Despite many young and pretty men in the cast, Alias spawned very little slash fiction, though there was an Alias Slash Archive.[2] Many of the best stories that were written star SpyDaddy (a man in his 50's in the first episode) as one half of the pairing.

  • Shortcuts by eliade—Slow and amazingly plausible step-by-step firsttime series for Jack/Vaughn.
  • The Backup by Yahtzee—If SpyDaddy saved you from certain death and helped you put your life back together, you might start to have certain...feelings for him. Jack/Tepper

Femslash may have had a larger following in the fandom, due to the number of hot, dangerous women with ties to one another (the Sydney/Francie friendship; Sydney/Anna and Sydney/Lauren enemyships, among many others).[3]

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