C'mon C'mon

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Title: C'mon C'mon (An Alias vid)
Creator: Sol Se
Date: October 9, 2006
Format: wmv, mpg
Length: 02:20
Music: "C'mon C'mon" by The Von Bondies
Fandom: Alias
Footage: up to episode 5x01 (most of the video is season 1-3)
URL: http://sol-se.livejournal.com/42329.html

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"C'mon C'mon" is an Alias vid by Sol Se. It was reviewed by charmax on August 8, 2007, at the reel vidding community.

Vidder's summary: "Life as Sydney Bristow knows it. With my teeth bite down I can see the blood."


From the reel 2007 review:

Overall impression: This is a great showcase for the character of Sydney Bristow. It has an upbeat and rebellious tone that I think is really appropriate. We get to see Syd on her many assignments kicking ass and also we see some of the more tragic moments of her life whilst not dwelling on them or making everything angsty.

Titles: There are titles at the beginning before the music starts and a discreet little MTV style credit at the end which does a cute little horizontal scroll off the screen. I would have preferred these credits at the beginning but they give the necessary information and don’t interfere with flow of the vid, so job done really.

Music choice: It’s a great song for this sort of action based vid. I only caught about half the lyrics but I don’t think that’s really the point with a vid like this. The lyrics are referenced where they count.

Narration, Tone and Movement: It’s a fast paced action packed run through of Syd’s life as a spy. All the important parts are there, the costumes, the gunplay, the losses, the men who help or hinder. It’s not fun as such but it is upbeat and positive. There’s a lot of movement in the vid and it flows really well. There were no points where I felt I had missed something or where I was jarred out of the vid by choppy editing.

Cuts, Transitions, Effects & Colouring/Coloring: There aren’t a lot of effects or transitions but that isn’t a bad thing in a vid like this. There are some white flashes that act as quick transitions or to break a clip up. Some of these are 4:3 when the vid is 16:9. It’s one of my pet peeve in vids and it would have been nice if they had been constrained within the frame. There’s a heck of a lot of colouring work in the source and as far as I could tell that was what was utilised to good effect here, the cool blue flashbacks to childhood, the supersaturated proposal scene such a contrast to the grim and grimy realities of Syd’s work.

Specific vid & music notes: There’s quite a lot of noteworthy stuff packed into this vid but some of my favourite parts are: 0.07-0.13. Such a great sequence for setting up the narrative with some nicely timed head turns. 0.28-0.30. There’s a lovely continuance of motion with intercutting between child and adult Syd and then with the movement of the pliers at the end. This is also the first section which includes those white flashes I mentioned above so you see it didn’t spoil my viewing pleasure that much. 0.56-1.09. This uses the bridge nicely with Syd confronting various people who are obstructing or challenging her. Then as the lyrics kick back in we get a great “get out of my way” round of gunfire. 2.00-2.15. The song begins to wind down here and I would have preferred a change in the tone of the visuals to be more marked and for me this weakens the ending slightly. The vid is bookended with Syd strutting which is pretty cool and gives the impression that despite all we’ve seen it’s going to be business as usual for her.

Final notes: I really enjoyed this there were only really a couple of points that I felt could have been improved upon. Personally, I would have liked a slightly bigger screen size and higher quality web version but that’s not really a criticism of the vid as such merely an observation that it is the norm now for vids to be a good deal larger than this. White outs are not my favourite trick in the vidding toolbox but they would have been perfectly appropriate here if only they hadn’t escaped the frame. It’s quite a simple fix to make sure there are black bars to frame the vid that then ensures that all effects, zooms etc are contained within the frame. I think this is possible in most editing programs. Really though these are minor points in an otherwise entertaining vid.