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Name: Anna S
Alias(es): eliade, A. Leigh-Anne Childe
Type: writer
Fandoms: AtS, BtVS, The Sentinel, SG-1, SGA, X-Files, Alias
Other: Anna's Stories, incluing Anna's recs (defunct, WBM link to website)
Anna S - blogspot at
URL: eliade at AO3
eliade at LiveJournal
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Anna S is an influential fan in many fandoms. In Buffy fandom, she popularised the term Little Black Dress. She wrote the List of Fan-fiction Kinks, Tropes, and Clichés which inspired various challenges and is cited in various kink memes as a reference.

She was one of the reccers for Bright Shiny Objects.

Fanwork Archive Policies

ARCHIVE POLICY: Anyone may archive any fiction from my LJ or old Web site, including comment fic, snippets, etc. Web site story pages can be found using the Wayback search engine on You can list me as Eliade or Anna S. If you include my e-mail address, it's [email protected]. Please try to scrub any links and please keep the story formatting clean; bad smashed-paragraph formatting, loss of italics, etc--these are the only things that will truly upset me. You can remove story notes if you like and correct obvious typos if your OCD compels you; otherwise please leave text as is, even if it's likely to make me face-palm at my own idiocy. Thanks![1]

Fan Comments

[Stargate: SG-1 focus]: Read all of Anna's stories; start with The Other Half. She has a vibrant, flowing style, a mastery of Jack's voice and POV, and she gives tremendous plot. She can upend a cliche like nobody's business. And the sex in The Other Half melted my brain, just as an aside to all those other things she did so well. Wonderful characterization of all team members - strong, capable, competent - they sound and act like adults, and it's like being in fanfic heaven. These stories are my benchmark in the fandom, and that's really unfair to everyone else.[2]

Destina at Worlds Without Boundaries

This is one of the writers on LiveJournal who knocks me out with her talent. Primarily, she writes slash, and I've followed her from Spike/Xander in the Buffyverse to Jim/Blair in The Sentinel to Jack/Vaughn in Alias and now to Rodney/John (and even Rodney/Ronan) in Stargate Atlantis. (She also wrote Jack/Daniel in SG1 when it was the only Stargate out there.) Simply put, I'll read whatever she writes. She's an amazing stylist who writes with elegance and economy, and yet the artistry is only apparent after repeated re-readings. It's also intriguing to see the subtle differences in her style at different times and in different fandoms. Her Sentinel stories display a lush sensuality, expressed, however, with a precise, almost mannered care in word choice; it's a style intimately suited to this particular fandom. In contrast, the Jack/Vaughn stories are leaner and use dialogue much more extensively to tell the story, while character is frequently illuminated through very simple, spare, eloquent descriptions of action. The SGA stories have yet another style, with somewhat more wryness (although it's the dry humor in much of her writing which attracts me as much as the rich sensuality so often intertwined with or juxtaposed to it).


Suffice it to say that it was her Spander which led me to her TS stories, which led me to her Sentinel recs, which spun me off into my current delighted immersion in TS; it's an informative, amusing place to start if you are new to that fandom. First, let me note that her website doesn't provide different URLs for different pages, so you'll need to follow her menus to find the various stories and recommendations. That said, a great place to start is with the charming, romantic, funny, and endearing Spander piece, "Your Horoscope for Today." There's a DVD-style commentary linked at the bottom of the story, the first I read and one I found both clever and enlightening in terms of understanding how and why writers make the choices they do. "A Week of Wrong" is another example of a great blend of humor, sexual confusion, and, much to their surprise, sweetness between Spike and Xander. "Sidelines" (with Xander rather precipitously out on his own and Spike becoming involved with a stray cat) keeps some of that warmth but also has some darker edges; I enjoy re-reading it but find the two sequels rather more unsettling in tone. "Involuntary Bodies" is a longer and sadder, though ultimately hopeful, story set in the wake of Glory, with Xander and Spike left on their own to deal with Dawn and a still-damaged Tara. If you are up for even greater length, more angst, and some powerful and dangerously-edged eroticism, try Subtleties She also has a long WIP entitled "Buffy: Season Noir" which is Spike/Buffy; a number of those who have read it express anguish that she has firmly stated that it is on permanent hiatus, so thus far I've resisted the temptation to become enmeshed in it, but . . .

Anna's take on TS is slightly different in both tone and content than much of what I've read, though I lack the skill to describe exactly how or why. But to get a taste and see if you want to read more, a fine place to start would be the short work entitled "Curtains," which examines a "day in the life" that involves buying curtains, answering phone calls, and having sex, all described lyrically yet realistically. "First time" stories are a TS staple, and "A Long Time Looking" takes its own unique and apparently roundabout approach to that convention; I loved the descriptions, which put me inside Jim's head perceptually without being unduly obvious. "Sex" gets there rather more quickly and a lot more explicitly and unconventionally; I really like the interplay of writing style and subject matter in this one. "The Woods" trilogy deals with traumatic subject matter, yet I find myself drawn back to it for the beauty of the writing and the painful reality of the emotions; while it is officially unfinished, I find each portion complete in itself. And if you need an optimistic closure for it, you can do as I do and read the short piece "From a Distance" as filling that role. I find the other TS stories equally powerful but often more challenging and/or potentially disturbing both sexually and psychologically, so they may not speak to those who prefer more romance and camaraderie in the Jim/Blair relationship.

Fortunately, eliade lives in my time zone, so I'll get this posted before her birthday is entirely over! Thanks, Anna, for the great pleasure your work has given me, and thanks also for your generous and cleverly written recommendations which have sucked me into TS and SGA--which is certainly not intended as a complaint . .[3]


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