Buffy Season Noir

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Title: Buffy Season Noir
Author(s): Anna S
Date(s): 2002-2004
Length: 315,000 words
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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Screenshot of the Buffy Season Noir page on Anna's website.

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Buffy Season Noir is a virtual season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer written by Anna S. The timeline sets it as an alternative season 8 with everything branching off from "Gone".[1] This virtual season is pretty much unique because it is the work of a single author and feels so much like BtVS that it's easy to forget that Season Noir isn't canon.

Anna said about her idea:

I [...] have this desire to see the veils between dimensions actually collapse, and a season-long darkness fall over the earth, making Sunnyhell a place of noir chaos: gin joints, smoky bistros, demons and vampires walking freely. Sort of a Casablanca feel to everything, perpetually dark and misty, with a Naziesque regime, a human collaborative government a la Vichy France, and a human Underground, with some demon friendlies aiding their cause. Spike, of course, is a dark and gallant spy, working for the Underground while putting on a demonic facade for the Nazi bastards.[2]


episode zero, "Lion Shall Lie". Word count: 26,000
episode 1, "Both Natures" (1/29/02). Word count: 23,500
episode 2, "You Were Wearing" (2/5/02). Word count: 17,800
episode 3, "Carnival" (3/8/02). Word count: 20,800
episode 4, "Until the Axle Break" (3/23/02). Word count: 19,400
episode 5, "Fundamental Things" (4/2/02). Word count: 18,100
episode 6, "Cusp" (4/25/02). Word count: 18,700
episode 7, "New World Order, pt 1" (5/27/02). Word count: 18,000
episode 8, "New World Order, pt 2" (7/07/02). Word count: 18,700
episode 9, "Every Mother's Son" (10/14/02). Word count: 18,400
episode 10, "The Winter Soldier" (10/23/02). Word count: 18,300
episode 11, "Demons" (11/12/02). Word count: 18,200
episode 12, "The Beaux Stratagem" (1/22/03). Word count: 17,300
episode 13, "Devices and Desires" (9/16/03). Word count: 18,600
episode 14, "Allies" (12/01/03). Word count: 19,100
episode 15, "Up, Down, and Strange" (3/18/04). Word count: 24,100
episode 16, A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows (in progress)

Season Noir is unfinished and episode 16 was never posted.


  • Anna's doing this fab one-woman virtual Season Noir ... each lovely piece is a full amazing episode, with at least as much resolution as TPTB are giving us these days. (Honestly, more than once this darn season, I wished Anna was writing the episodes, instead of Marti.) ... the most fascinating virtual season I've ever read. (Sandy Herrold)[3]
  • Few people in this fandom would not sacrifice a body part to have Anna's command of language. Her plots are prettily kinky, but not spectacularly original; her style, however, will make you drool. The characters in "Season Noir" display a refreshing savagery that's missing from a lot of fiction in which the leads are all sops and evil tastes like digestive cookies. (Stultiloquentia)[4]


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