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Name: Kita
Alias(es): Donna M, kita0610, thekita, one half of the Ficbitches
Type: author, vidder, webmistress
Fandoms: Angel the Series, Bones, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, RPF, Supernatural, Torchwood, and others
URL: Almighty Gah! @Ficbitch; @AO3; @LJ
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Kita is a fan author best known in the Buffyverse fandom, where she has been active since around 2000. Predominantly a slash writer, she is particularly known for her poetic darkfic, often focusing on Angel or Spike. According to Estepheia:

The name Kita stands for strong metaphors, a tight grip on canon, perfect extrapolation, emotional plausibility, depth, lyrical but conomic language, and poignant characterisation, the ability to sum up whole storylines and juxtapositions with just a few words and then use that interpretation to give her story that extra spin, that makes it tighter, more to the point.[1]

Kita sometimes co-writes with Maayan, whom she credits with attracting her to writing slash,[2] and with Jessica Walker, known together as the Ficbitches.

She has been credited with spreading the Five Things meme to the Buffyverse.[3] She is known for her comments on Judaism and Fandom.

In Her Own Words

Kita from an interview in The Darker Side of Sunnydale, very early in her fanfiction writing career:

...I think it is a great challenge to write not just horror fiction, but horror fiction that makes someone *think*, that makes someone *feel*. To be able to get inside the protagonist's head..and make the reader empathize with him, even when he does something unconscionable...that's what drew me to the Dark side of fic.
As for what drew me to slash...I found that most of the authors of slash were older, more mature, and on the whole, a very talented bunch. So when I started reading fic, I was immediately attracted to slash. I'd never written anything like it before, but I figured I'd give it a try...and it quickly became an obsession. Now it's my main genre. I have written some hetfic, but to tell you the truth, I didn't enjoy it half as much. This is definitely my "niche". ...
As for fanfic, it was Maayan who inspired me to write fanfic in the first place, especially slash fanfic. Other favorite dark writers of mine include Jessica Walker, Esmerelda and Te, and on the lighter side, I love Saber and Spirit.[2]


Kita is the webmistress of Ficbitch, which includes Slashing the Angel, an Angel slash archive; Loved, a Connor recs site; and Glitter, the major Buffyverse RPF archive. Kita was also original webmistress of Campfire Tales, a darkfic archive.

Notable Fanworks


  • Days of our Unlives (with Jessica Walker). Angel/Spike novel. Mad Poetess describes it as: racing CV neck and neck for funniest and hottest A/S on the planet.[4]
  • Equinox -- four Angel vignettes. Brigdh writes: This is one of my favorite stories in the entire Buffy fandom. I haven't read it in months, and I still get lines from it stuck in my head for days. A really beautiful story, it's almost closer to poetry than prose.[1]
  • Five Things That Never Happened To Spike (link broken; archived here) -- Five Things. Coquette writes:'s gorgeous. Horrid-gorgeous. Hideous-gorgeous. ... Dark, brutal, punishing, rotten scenes, and some sweet (or bittersweet) scenes too. Everyone gets their due, and Kita doesn't pull punches or overexplain. Beautifully written: crisp and trimmed. There's snark and still-bleeding humour and a careful attention to the characters. Oh, gosh. I just loved it.[1]
  • Komodo -- Angel/Lindsey, after 'To Shanshu In LA'. Sandy writes: all intents and purposes, flawless. ... A dark and beautiful interweaving of surreal dreamlike psychodrama, and all too real violence, this is Angel fic at it's most edgy, bloody, and poetic. Komodo is one of those rare stories that leaves you feeling like you've seen a characters insides, a terrifying insight into what makes them tick. Suddenly, Angel is heroic, textured, and three-dimensional to me, all because of this fic. ... Sex, violence, demons, blood, some of it inside Angel's head, some of it frighteningly real, show the reader just how thin the line between man and demon really is- if indeed it exists at all. The imagery is breath-taking, the plot will make your hair stand on end, and setting it all off is a final exchange with Lindsay ... that was wonderfully insightful. This is dark fanfic at it's best.[1]
  • Losing My Religion -- Angel & Wesley. Wesley's Girl writes: ...gorgeous and full of despair. Kita knows how to write, and more importantly, she knows how to write Wesley and Angel. This story is like poetry, an exercise in the beauty of pain and solitude. It's powerful and unique and utterly spellbinding.[5]
  • Manus -- Angel/Spike. Astridv writes: Dark and beautiful. Kita captures the essence of Angel in the relationships with those who matter to him the most.[1]
  • Second Hand -- Spike-centric post-'Not Fade Away'. Kita can write Spike like no one else, and he's lean and bitter and haunted here, picking up pieces after "Not Fade Away". It's rich with evocative imagery and thematic parallels, and the scenes between Connor and Spike are acute with the sense of loss. (Bright Shiny Objects)[6]
  • Six Foot Deep (with Jessica Walker) -- Spike/Buffy. Amy writes: ...painful, dirty, hateful S/B love, that tears both characters into tiny pieces and, in the end, begins to put them together, maybe. ... Excellent storytelling, skillfully revealed emotions that rip out your heart, throw it on the ground and stomp on it, without ever feeling over-the-top, and the feeling that yeah. This is them. Spike and Buffy.[1]

Other Fandoms

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