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Name: Spike, William the Bloody
Occupation: vampire, failed poet
Location: Sunnydale, California
Status: undead/unknown
Relationships: Drusilla, Buffy, Angel, Fanged Four
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Spike is a vampire from the Joss Whedon TV shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series. He was played by James Marsters.

Fan Response

Spike was an enormously popular character. Although people had been writing about him ever since his introduction in season two, Spike-centric fanac exploded during season five, with his shift from comically obnoxious antihero to lovesick woobie (evil woobie, thanks very much. but still: woobie.). This change in his function on the show, and every subsequent change for the next four years, provoked vast amounts of angst, joy, wank and fanac. Fans were compelled by Spike's slow, fraught shifts of allegiance, and argued vigorously about whether a soulless vampire could ever really propel himself into redemption.

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Ship Wars

In season five, Buffy/Spike emerged as a potentially serious canonical rival to Buffy/Angel. When their relationship was consummated in season six, the fandom went bonkers. There were intense Spuffy vs. Bangel shipping wars. B/S fans scoffed at B/A fans for being stuck in an adolescent fairytale; B/A fans accused B/S fans of valorizing an unhealthy and often brutal relationship. Ship manifestos were written, allegiance-bearing icons were brandished, and much, much fic got written.

Redemtionistas vs. Evil!Spike

Within the Spike fanbase, there were two distinct groups of fans. Some fans liked Spike's story of redemption and the other prefered to explore his evil side.

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St. Spike vs. Buffy the Bitch

Season six was when Spike's relationship with Buffy became canon by the way their relationship developed (to some fans) left much to be desired. The character shift during that time was a source of much debate (in the fandom, as well as among Buffy/Spike shippers).

A certain tendency in fanfic could be noticed during that period where Spike was depicted as self-sacrificing (even before the soul), doing the right thing kind of guy, whereas Buffy was portrayed as more unstable, abusive partner.

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"But for the Thorns," an undated illo by Suzan Lovett

Spike and his Soul

After Spike earned his soul at the end of season six fandom, responded with A LOT of fanfic. Even before season seven premiered, fans wrote fics (in major part basing Spike's possible reactions on Angel) about how Spike deals with the soul.

When the beginning of season seven showed Spike insanity as a result of getting back his soul, fanfic writers responded with a lot of Hurt/Comfort fics.

Fan websites include The Bloody Awful Poet Society (now offline).

Spike in Fanfic

Spike is the little black dress of Buffyverse fandom. He's been paired with everybody from Joyce Summers to Mr. Gordo[1], and a zillion crossover characters besides. His most popular ship is Buffy/Spike[2], two other most popular pairings - Spike/Xander[3] and Angel/Spike[4] - are following far behind. There are substantial bodies of work pairing him with Tara, Illyria, Drusilla, Wesley and Giles. [citation needed][5] See pairing pages for overviews of pairing-specific trends, influential authors, etc.

Spike-centric gen often explores his history before he came to Sunnydale, his brotherly relationship with Dawn, or his struggles with his self-identity and moral code.

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