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Title: Respectable
Creator: charmax
Date: Sept 2007
Format: xvid .avi
Length: 3:52 minutes
Music: Respectable - Nellie McKay
Fandom: Buffy
URL: vidder's website
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Respectable is a Buffy fanvid by charmax that was created as part of the 2007 Sweet Charity auction. It was reviewed by cozzybob on July 14, 2010 at the vid commentary LJ community.


  • "....the reason why I love this vid, is it sums up Spike's entire character in four minutes, and considering how complex Spike is and all the major facets of his character, that's really no mean feat." ~ WebCite for feedback at the vid commentary.
  • "After all these years, I'm impressed by any Spike vid that doesn't feel like a retread. What strikes me in particular about this vid is the even representation of the different eras of Spike's unlife. While vids usually focus on his S5&6 adoration of Buffy, you skipped right over that, the important thing being what he was trying to fit in as, not who (besides himself) he was doing it for." ~ feedback at the vid announcement.
  • "I really like how this turned out. :D The song choice/source combo is quirky enough to stand out purely on those merits, but your editing makes it *sparkle*--and completely sells me on the tonal quality of the song." ~ feedback at the vid announcement.