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Journal Community
Name: Vid Commentary
Date(s): 2009 -
Moderator: bradcpu, deathisyourart
Founder: deathisyourart
Type: community
Fandom: vidding

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Inspired by SDWolfpup and the dvd_commentary community, the Vid Commentary community describes itself as "The Multifandom VID Commentary Community! Home of the Vid Commentary Challenge, and the Vidder Profile Series." The purpose of this challenge community is to solicit commentary and analysis on vids. As the profile page notes, "This community is not looking for reviews, critiques, or recommendations, and we don't want to know what the vidder's own intentions were, we want to know what you believe the vid is doing; how and why it works."

This community is also home to the Vidder Profile series of short documentary films by vidders about vidders. They are directed by bradcpu.


Vids reviewed:

Non community commentary that the Vid Commentary moderators found notable: