Tear You Apart

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Title: Tear You Apart
Creator: bradcpu
Date: August 2008
Format: Xvid .avi/WMV
Length: 4:18 minutes
Music: "Tear You Apart" by She Wants Revenge
Fandom: Firefly
URL: vid announcement
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Tear You Apart is a Firefly fanvid by bradcpu. It was reviewed by bop_radar on July 29, 2009 at the vid commentary LJ community. It premiered at the 2008 Vividcon Challenge show.

Vidder's Summary: "It feels so right. A Simon/Kaylee vid. The insane younger sibling to obsessive24's Climbing Up The Walls."

Vidder's notes: "The first time I heard this song, it reminded me of the scene near the end of Serenity in which River watches Kaylee and her brother have sex. The curious, almost mechanical look on her face seemed at the same time cute and creepy. You know that she can feel exactly what they're feeling at the time, but her expression was like a computer analyzing the situation. I started imagining how the development of Simon and Kaylee's relationship throughout the series - the repressed sexual desire, the dance of flirting and coy reciprocation, and so on - must have looked through the eyes of an empathic girl whose head was already filled with Reavers and violence and torture... and who was constantly in intimate situations with Simon." Read the entire notes archived here.


  • "I love the style of editing in this, that kind of fractured feel with all the repeated shots of the cells and Kaylee eating the strawberry and all the reavers. It definitely makes the theme of the vid stand out loud and clear. Plus the song is slightly creepy, but in a really fitting way because the whole vid is very chilling!"[1]
  • "Oh, this is creepy. Even the sweet, flirty clips were turned obsessive and violent by the pulsing music and repetitive shots. I love the way you use the strawberry clip in here, especially inter-cut with the cannibalistic Reaver mouths. The "step back" at 2:02 worked for me. It took me until about 2:30 to realize that this vid is really about River watching and running their relationship through her dark and twisty brain. The zoom into River on the still shot at 3:08 was excellent, as was River's two gun shots on "lie still" at 3:30. The ending's incredible. Basically, River-Reaver scares the shit out of me."[2]
  • "Wow. That was disturbing. I mean wow. So well done. I was like completely uncomfortable for the entire length of the video and I wasn't entirely sure why until the ending. Such an interesting look at the development of that relationship which always seems sweet and lovely but in your hands it addresses some of the creepy things about starting a relationship with your empathic genius sister on the same ship. You've taken that creepster feel and magnified it to a factor of a hundred. So excellent."[3]
  • "One of the reasons I chose this vid is because of its unusual approach to point of view. While there remains some ambiguity, the central relationship of Kaylee/Simon is seen from River's distorted perspective. The degree to which this plays as a 'reveal' may be greater or lesser depending on the viewer, their preconceptions going into the vid, and the degree to which they pick up on little details. A close study reveals that there are clues throughout the first two thirds about the point of view, but most viewers will probably agree that it doesn't really all 'click' until you see that shot of River staring down at Kaylee and Simon having sex. It's a vid that definitely warrants repeat viewings, and I found I noticed even more through this commentary. Personally, my enjoyment of the vid is in no way lessened by knowing the 'reveal', but that first viewing was a unique experience."[4]


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