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Title: Out Here
Creator: heresluck
Date: March 2006
Format: DivX .avi
Length: 3:29 minutes
Music: Peter Mulvey, "Out Here"
Fandom: Due South
URL: vid announcement
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Out Here is a Due South fanvid by heresluck. It is a Fraser character study vid that focuses on his relationship with Ray Kowalski. It was reviewed by sisabet as part of the vid commentary LJ community. The vidder also offered her own extended vid commentary along with production notes.[1]

Vidder's notes: "for renenet and sisabet....I've said on more than one occasion that this [dedication] is my favorite part of the whole vid, and I meant it. This vid was a labor of love for two people who are very dear to me, and the fact that they liked it made the whole thing worthwhile."[2]

Vidder's summary: "Fraser, F/K. I swear that I am working on what keeps me miles away."


out here I make the only human light
I am the only human sound
it is my privilege to lie awake at night
and think of what I've lost
and hope for what might be found
out here it's so silent
you can hear your heart talking
one day that heart might tell you which way to go
you might start walking


  • "You manage to see Fraser in such a true, vivid, resonant way. His passion and love and loneliness -- his surroundings, the silence that he craves. Doing the right thing. And Ray -- he is by no means the main focus of this vid, despite the slash, but you can still feel what they feel for each other. And the fear of it. Love, or run. The visuals are beautiful. The moment that the entire Canadian wilderness opens before them, I think I stopped breathing a little. Gorgeous, and, yes. Wow. I am reduced to inarticulate muttering. You rock."[3]
  • "Oh, that was absolutely lovely. I was very impressed by the jump-cuts to the music. It works wonderfully here, with the mood and emphasising (sic) the moments in the song. In a lot of ways, this really does capture how I see Fraser changing in response to RayK. While I do think that RayV was a good friend to Fraser and an important step between loneliness and friendship, it was interesting to see Fraser develop solely with regards to RayK. There very much reflects how I see Fraser in canon. Say Amen, with Fraser saying that, yes, he does believe in love at first sight, while looking at RayK, is one moment affected me greatly with how very canon the Fraser/RayK tension feels to me. So, your vid speaks to me of what really did feel like a true emotional reality of the show. RayK challenged Fraser not to be alone and separate, the Mountie with the capital 'M', but to also be human and Ray's partner. Oh! That shot of Fraser and Ray from Mountie and Soul, where they're divided by the frame of the open door is a particularly lovely moment."[4]
  • "NO SERIOUSLY HOW DO YOU DO THIS? Oh my god. That was the vid equivalent of one of those novel-length fanfics that have you walking around your house holding your laptop in front of you because you can't stop reading and then you get to the end and you maybe cry a little or at least go and listen to sad music. Where "you" is, rather, "me"."[5]
  • "I never thought I'd be so happy about two people hitting a table at the same time."[6]
  • "And they walk through the door to the crescendo of the music and EVERYTHING changes - they are in sync and complementary and this movement pulls us into this openness, the city was open but clausterphobuic and dark and dingy and now everything is clear and white and such a RELIEF and Fraser is triumphing and he is doing it! And he is doing it with Ray!"[7]

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