So Sad, So Lonely

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Title: So Sad, So Lonely
Creator: sdwolpup
Date: June 2003
Format: WMV
Length: 3:33 minutes
Music: Matchbox Twenty, "So Sad, So Lonely"
Fandom: Buffy
URL: vidder's website
Youtube Link

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So Sad, So Lonely is a Buffy fanvid by sdwolfpup. It was reviewed by cozzybob on July 16, 2010 at the vid commentary LJ community.[1] The vid won a 2003 Nummy Treat Award.

Vidder's Summary: Smart, funny, angry, pathetic, depressed, sexy - Spike was all of these. Here's my ode to those classic Season 4 Spike moments. Every episode that he was in in S4 is represented here.


Great JOB!!! I LOVELOVELOVE Spike Vids! Song is energetic - you chose all the great Spike moments from S4 - it's so VERY SPIKE! Excellent![1]

I think it's pretty old, but it's one of the first ones I really got into when I was really first exploring vids in general, and I really like it because it's really fun, and the song choice is perfect for Spike, it's amazing, this song choice is. And she actually really got me heavily into this song, too, I had to go and find it because I loved it so much.

One thing I really like about this vid the "kick the Spike" aspect of the series, at least through 90% of certain seasons. It's kind of like a cowboy song, you know, you're sad, you're lonely, but you keep on trucking kind of a song--that really sums up Spike in general, and I think that's why the clips are chosen with those themes in mind. Like, where Spike, he kind of gets hit by a lot of these characters, but at the same time, he perseveres and he adapts, because he has no other choice, he's a survivalist, and the more he gets kicked down, the more he keeps on going, and he finds things to smile about too, which as a Spike fan, that's the reason why I am a Spike fan.[2]


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