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You may be looking for NummyTreats, the Spike/Xander mailing list.

Mailing List
Name: Nummy Treat
Date(s): 2002-?
Moderators/List Maintainers: kitkatbyte and sunryse00
Type: mailing list
Fandom: Buffy and Angel/Jossverse
Scope: vidding

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Nummy Treat was the first large mailing list that focused exclusively on vidding in a specific fandom. In 2002, "Wendy" (kitkatbyte) created a Yahoo Group mailing list with the following goals: "This group is for those who enjoy fan-made Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series music videos. Members are encouraged to announce their own videos and to discuss music videos and vidding techniques." Nummy Treat was affilated with the Buffyverse Music Video Database a searchable database where fans could locate vids. In 2003, "Juleen" (sunryse00) joined the mailing list as co-moderator.

Community Norms

Because digital vidding was was gaining popularity, it opened the door to many more new vidders. One of the unstated purposes of Nummy Treat was to introduce these new vidders (newbies) to some of the existing vidding community norms and guidelines. For example, in the FAQ the group explained:

  • Do not use other people's vids as a source of clips for your own vid.
  • Avoid making a vid that someone else has already done (the suggestion was that vidders should search through the Buffyverse database first).
  • Do not distribute other people's vids without permission.
  • Do not hotlink.[1]

These rules did not often go over well and there were numerous complaints of clip theft along with newer members feeling that the group was not welcoming (ex. when they were privately reminded that they were 're-using a song.') Interestingly eough, song re-use quickly became more acceptable with the explosion of digital vidding and, with the introduction of Youtube, it became impossible to track song use. Clip-theft, unauthorized reposting of vids and hot-linking still remain unacceptable in the overall vidding community.

Eventually the flood of new vidders began overwhelming the community and, as more and more new vidders joined, the new arrivals began expecting to receive prompt and positive feedback for their vids. This lead to some experienced vidders leaving the mailing list, while newer vidders, feeling their talents were not appreciated, went off to form their own forums and mailing lists. Moreat settiai's post (Leaving Nummy Treat) and here (Second Chance Awards Mission Statement). Also see The Reverie.


The mailing list also hosted the Nummy Treat Vidding Awards in 2003 and 2004. They were so popular that other vidders began creating their own awards and in 2005 the mailing list was swamped with requests for nominees and judges. Awards seemed to come and go and as a result, many fans felt they devalued the vidding experience. Others felt that winning an award validated their creativity. See Awards for the role that awards have played in the fannish community.

A sample list of awards from 2005:

Active (note: links may not be active and may need to be Waybacked)

Awards sites that had, by 2005, already become obsolete

  • 5x5 Awards - closed
  • Broken Roads became Tueday's Waiting
  • BuffBuff Awards was hacked, they were rebuilding
  • DarkMoonSpuffy - gone
  • Fruit Punch Mouth likely gone, last update was Nov. 2005
  • Haunted Awards on Hurricane Hiatus
  • Nyazian Prophecies Awards - last update 7-10-05
  • Prophecy Girl Awards
  • Showtime Awards
  • Summers Key likely closing, last update was Aug. 2005
  • Twisted Every Way lapsed since Nov. 2005
  • Why We Fight last updated 6-28-05
  • What You Deserve Lats updated Aug. 2005