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You may be looking for Nummy Treat, the vidding mailing list.

Mailing List
Name: NummyTreats
Date(s): 2000 or before - ?
Type: slash
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Scope: Spike/Xander
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NummyTreats is a Spike/Xander mailing list.

List rules:
Now, we at NummyTreats are a friendly, easy-going bunch, but even we have some rules. Don't worry, there's only a few of them, and they don't bite.

Rule #1: No Flaming. I know, this should speak for itself, right? Apparently, though, certain isolated nutcases need to be reminded exactly what constitutes a flame. A flame, at least to this ListMum, is a personal attack on a person. Calling someone a bitch for holding an opinion contrary to your own, or lazy for not updating an archive, that's a flame.

Addendum to Rule #1: This policy does not in any way entail any restriction on discussions on my part. Any touchy subject you want to discuss, bring it up, I will *never* [and that's a promise] ask that any discussion be taken off-list because it's getting too heated.

Rule #2: No RPS. In January 2000, we've gone through a huge, heated and *fun* debate on RareSlash, on whether or not to allow RealPeopleSlash on the list. Because a large number of people, for various [often good] reasons did not want to be exposed to/affiliated with RPS, a mirror list was set up, which can be found here: If you want to write James Masters/Nicholas Brendan, post it there, not here.

Rule #3: No boundaries. Don't be afraid to post a story or a sugeestion to the list just because some people may find something icky about it. I'm sure there are people on the list that don't agree with underage slash, or incest, or interspecies sex, or rape, or whatever. *They* have delete keys, *you* have the right to speak up.[1]


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