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Name: RareSlash
Date(s): 12 March 1999-today (mailing list)
1999[1]-2008 (archive)
Archivist: Bethany (archivist), Ruth (former listmommie?), Max and Tammy (current list owners)
Founder: Sofie Werkers
Type: slash archive, mailing list
Fandom: multifandom
URL: http://www.virtue.nu/rareslash/index2.html (2001)
http://www.femgeeks.net/rsa/ (2002-2008)
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RareSlash/ (Yahoo! Group)
http://homes.arealcity.com/rareslasharchive (defunct, active in 2001)
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RareSlash is a mailing list and was an archive for fandoms and/or pairings that are very rarely written in slash. "Like, for example, 'The Usual Suspects,' Giles/Ethan, etc." Original slash was also allowed. The motto of the archive was RareSlash: Where You're Never The Only One.

The mailing list was founded in 1999 and the last update to the archive was made in 2001.[2]

RareSlash and RPF

Although back in 2000 RPS was on the rise, most pairings were rare without a huge fandom and infrastructure in place. That made the RareSlash mailing list a place that was destined for clashes between RPS fans and opponents. After a discussion about 'Tallislash and Musicianslash and how to rationalize it', starting on January 17, 2000, the list owner announced on January 24 that "I will from now on allow realpeopleslash on the list, IF and only IF it is properly labelled."[3] That resulted in a heated discussion on the mailing list with several members threatening to leave the list and to pull all their fic from the archive if RPS was allowed. In the end the list owner revoked the new rules, RPS remained forbidden and a new list was created on January 26, 2000: RS-X [RareSlash-X] is a spinoff-list of RareSlash, where the 'RealPeopleSlash' rule doesn't apply. You have been warned.[4] The RareSlashX Archive was one of the early RPS resources in media fandom.

Archiving Policy

Last Archiving Policy change: 11/4/00

WIP's will NOT be archived as they come in. The author needs to submit a complete .txt copy of the story to me [...]
Stories *need* to have the proper heading. Anything without the proper heading won't be archived. It would be much appreciated if the subject line of a fic read--"FIC: (title), (fandom), (part-i.e. 1/1, 2/4).
Stories HAVE TO be in plain text format. This means if it shows up weird on the egroups website (ESPECIALLY quotes), it won't be archived unless I get a plain text copy in my mailbox. [...]
Within the header of a story, the "Archive" line needs to read something to the effect of "Yes to RareSlash". There's about a million acceptable permutations of this, including 'yes to list archives', 'yes to RS', etc. This is primarily for me. All I really don't want is "Yes, but you have to e-mail me and ask first."[5]


Once upon a time, some fairly big slash fandoms were rare, others are still Yuletide fandoms today.

Fandoms archived at the RareSlash archive included[6]: Almost Famous, Andromeda, Angel, BASEketball, Beefcake, Beggars and Choosers, Bibleslash, Blackadder, Boston Public, Bottom, Brimstone, Bring it On, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, BuffyMovie, BUGS, Casablanca, Cereal, Chronicles of the Cheysuli, Crossovers, Dawson's Creek, Dead Man On Campus, Dead Poet's Society, Diagnosis Murder, Die Hard with a Vengeance, Disturbing Behavior, Dogma, Drawing Blood, Felicity, Final Fantasy 8, Friends, Galaxy Quest, Gattaca, Gen X Cops, Get Real-movie, Good Omens, Gossip, Hardboiled, Harry Potter, Highlander, I Dream of Jeannie, JAG, Jack of All Trades, Jay/Silent Bob (Kevin Smith movies), King Kong, La Femme Nikita, Lake Placid, Laura, Lost Souls, Love and Human Remains, Magnificent 7, Malcolm in the Middle, The Maltese Falcon, Mission: Impossible 2, Mighty Ducks, MST3K, Night Court, Nightrunner, Northern Exposure, Orgazmo, Outbreak, Oz, Pokémon, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, The Prophecy, Queer As Folk, Red Dwarf, Roswell, Sandman, Scream, Simon and Simon, Stargate SG-1, Star Trek, Star Wars, SWAT Cats, Talented Mr. Ripley, The Big Chill, The Bold and the Beautiful, The Thin Red Line, The $treet, Them!, Thirteen Days, Titan AE, Shakespeare's Titus, Trainspotting, Twitch City, Two Guys and a Girl, Usual Suspects, Video Girl Ai, The Watcher, The West Wing, Wise Blood, Wonder Boys, X-Force, X-Men, Young Americans


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