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Name: Slash Fiction Online
Owner/Maintainer: Lady Andromeda
Dates: 1999 – 2015
Fandom: Star Wars TPM, others
URL: 2001 to 2015
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Slash Fiction Online was a slash resource site. Between 2001 and 2002 it changed its name to Slash Online and by June 2004 it became Whispered Words.[1] In October 2015, in its last update, the site had 2181 recommendations. The site was a member of the Slash Fan Fiction Ring and The Adult Fan-Fiction Webring.

It had a section with fanfic recommendations by fans for fans (see Slash Fiction Online: Fanfic Recommendations), hundreds of categorized links & resources, tips, advice and resources for writers, glossary & acronyms, a newsletter, photo gallery, fanfic quotes from Star Wars TPM fanfic.

Site Gallery

Mission Statement

Why this page was born and its purpose.

There is a lot of slash fanfiction on the net -- thousands of stories, in dozens of fandoms and each one has its own terms and acronyms. For a newbie, this could be a real nightmare. I know some people who got really disappointed because the first stories they read were bad ones so they left the slash fandom. So this page was born, to recommend the best stories to newbies and to give just acknowledgement to those authors whose stories we avidly read. This page won't be only my opinions. It can't be. I haven't read all the fiction and everyone has their own tastes. You could recommend your fave stories to in the Recomendation database.

Over the months, this page has grew up a little for its initial purpose. Although the recommendations still are and will be the heart of this page, new sections was added, each one with the slash fan/writer in mind. Perhaps it will grow more in the future. Comments, suggestions and constructive criticism are very welcome.

Hope this little page could help you in some way.

Thanks & Acknowledgements

To Angie T & Heidi M for kindly correct my poor english!

To my friend Josema for helping me out with the javascript code for the Gallery.

To basinke, hooly, critter, RatC, Cynara & TeraBear on #senslash for the Writing advice section. I owe you one, girls!

To 852 Prospect: The Sentinel Adult Archive, Cmshaw's fanfic & The Chakotay/Paris Support Group for their glossaries, with helped me a lot.

To Gossamer Threads for those two wonderful cgi scripts (DBman and Links) and their more wonderful shareware police. Without these scripts, this site never would been born ;)

Guestbook script created by Matt Wright.

To all who submited recomendations or links for keep this site alive and make it grow!


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