Twitch City

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Name: Twitch City
Creator: Bruce McDonald, Don McKellar
Date(s): 1998 – 2000
Medium: television
Country of Origin: Canada
External Links: wikipedia; IMDB
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Twitch City was a half-hour Canadian television show with surreal humor, but no laugh track.


The main character (Curtis) is an agoraphobic, unemployed twenty-something who does nothing but watch television. He lives in a cheap Toronto apartment with a succession of roommates, one of whom is his doormat of a girlfriend (Hope) and one of whom is sent to prison (Nathan). Crazier roommates come and go.


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The show is one of the many sources that form 6 Degrees of Canada fandom because it stars 6CD favorites Don McKellar, Daniel MacIvor, Molly Parker and Callum Keith Rennie. Also appearing are Hugh Dillon, Bruce McCulloch, and even the dog who plays Diefenbaker on due South[1].

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