Dawson's Creek

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Name: Dawson's Creek
Abbreviation(s): DC
Creator: Kevin Williamson
Date(s): 1998-2003
Medium: TV series
Country of Origin: USA
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Dawson's Creek is a teen drama which ran on The WB from January 1998 to May 2003.


Set in and around the town of Capeside, Dawson's Creek tells the story of four friends making the journey from adolescence to adulthood. Dawson Leery (James Van Der Beek), Joey Potter (Katie Holmes), and Pacey Witter (Joshua Jackson) have all been friends since they were little. When Jennifer Lindley (Michelle Williams), a mysterious girl with a troubled past, moves from New York to their small town, she joins with the other teens to make a foursome that will stay together through thick and thin.[1]


In terms of shipping, the endgame couples for the series were Pacey/Joey and Jack/Doug. Andie, Dawson and Jen did not have romantic conclusions. Williamson originally intended for Dawson/Joey and Andie/Pacey to end up together when the creator returned to write the two-part series finale.[2] The series had three different showrunners over the course of the series, with creator Kevin Williamson helming the first two seasons.


Some fans have argued that the character of Andie was sabotaged in Season 3, with her cheating on Pacey as well as the SATs, and that Dawson was turned into an entitled jerk in the episodes where he is jealous of Pacey. These moves arguably effectively ended the ships Andie/Pacey and Dawson/Joey.

In recent years, nostalgic fans of the series have shown an increasing dislike for Dawson, often citing him as "the worst"[3] due to his dogged pursuit of Jen early on, his growing entitlement over Joey in later episodes and the way he treated his friends. These fans are usually Pacey/Joey shippers who worship Pacey.

Fans were also incredibly upset by Jen's death in the finale, believing she deserved a better ending.


Portmanteau Ship Type
• Dawcey
• Pawson
Dawson Leery x Pacey Witter Slash
• Doey
• DJo
Dawson Leery x Joey Potter Het
Grandie Andie McPhee x Gretchen Witter Femslash
Jacey Pacey Witter x Jen Lindley Het
Jackson Dawson Leery x Jack McPhee Slash
Jandie Andie McPhee x Jen Lindley Femslash
Jathan Jack McPhee x Ethan Brody Slash
Jawson Dawson Leery x Jen Lindley Het
Jenoey Jen Lindley x Joey Potter Femslash
Jenry Jen Lindley x Henry Parker Het
Jodie Andie McPhee x Joey Potter Femslash
Jojack Joey Potter x Jack McPhee Het
Joug Jack McPhee x Doug Witter Slash
Nikson Dawson Leery x Nikki Green Het
Pack Pacey Witter x Jack McPhee Slash
Pandie Pacey Witter x Andie McPhee Het
• PJ
• True Love
• Poey
Joey Potter/Pacey Witter Het
Willandie Andie McPhee x Will Krudski Het
Witski Pacey Witter x Will Krudski Slash
Witty Dawson Leery x Gretchen Witter Het


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