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Name: Creek Central
Owner/Maintainer: Brandi
Dates: active in 2001
Type: resource site
Fandom: Dawson's Creek
URL: (Wayback link)
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Creek Central is a Dawson's Creek resource site with links to fansites, fanfic archives and personal sites, awards, fun and games, ecards, news, spoilers and more.

Site description from Some Boys Wander By Mistake: "A very nice comprehensive guide to the Dawson's Creek on the net. Site recommendations for fanfiction, picture galleries, actor sites, shopping, etc."[1]

The page was a member of the Dawson's Creek Webring, the Ultimate Dawson's Creek Webring, the United Dawson's Creek Lovers webring, the Pacey Appreciation Society Webring and the DC Addicts webring.[2]

Fan Sites

The Streets of Capeside - There is lots of content about everything DC related on this site, although it lacks cohesive navigation. Once into one destination, you do get the handy pulldown menu which is damn helpful.

Alessandra's Creek - Alessandra has been one busy girl these days, she's completely redesigned and organized her site. I'd mentioned that I thought it took too long too load, and that's all changed now. The new site moves as quickly as any I've seen out there that are more than text only. Gotta like that. And I love the different and interesting new site map entry page, very pretty. This site has been great since the beginning, and now it's even better. updated review 12/4/00

Static - Your Creek Source - Estelle has definitely done it again... Her new DC site, Static, has a simple and clean interface and promises to update often with all current news and information on your facorite show and mine. 2/3/01

Parental Discretion Advised - Another of the network sites, this one is a general DC fan site. Find episode listings, multimedia, and more when this site finishes its launching. Has tons of promise... 2/4/01

Capeside Scrapbook - Version 4.0 of this site has an all new look and feel, a world of excellent and well-organized content, spoiler and news pages, gossip, galleries, interactivity and is the home of Movies on the Creek.

Dawson's Creek The Fan Page - This is one well-organized site, which in a land of disorganization, I find to be refreshing! There's just so much here, it's kinda scary. This site is created by Maniac, who really regularly updates his pages with new information so check it out often! He's got sections for music, downloads, quotes and more.

Bre's Creek - Choose between her java-enhanced site or a quick-loading html page filled with information and all sorts of great stuff. (I love choices!) Bre's got all the usual suspects here; an episode summary page, DC news including rumors on season 3, RealVideo clips from the show and a small photo gallery featuring all of the DC kids. What's different then? She's got a page called DCTherapy that everyone should check out, it informs you, step by step, on what to do if you're like me (read: addicted to the show), as well as the signs you should look for if you think you might be... She's also got an Interactive story, one of my favorite things!

Dawson's Creek and Buffy UK - It took me a minute to figure out how to actually enter the content portion of this site, but once there, I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. It's beautifully designed, has a lovely and intuitive interface (with a handly pulldown menu, of course), and lots of interesting content pertaining to the show and it's UK presence. And there's Buffy, too, just so you know.

Jasmin's Dawson's Creek Heaven - Another very pretty site, the navigation is a bit clunky with its weird crossed out rollovers, but the content is good, so if you can take its shortcomings, you won't be disappointed by much else. Episode guides are updated regularly and there is a spoilers & news area.

On My Own - There's not a whole lot here, to be honest, but the site is kinda pretty and there is a birthday club, keepers and the webmistress will make graphics for you if you're into her stuff.

Pacey's Pond - Contrary to what the title infers, this is definitely not just a Pacey site, there's so much here and the site is updated so regularly, the webmistress should really be calling this site Pacey's Ocean. The simple design makes browsing through extremely easy and the no-nonsense pages are light on the load. check here for spoliers and news, keepers (?) and something called Angels (which are suspiciously like keepers,) and a very full images gallery. But, most impressive is the speed with which she gets episode transcripts up. 11/29/00

Capesite UK - If you live amongst the other English-speaking denizens of that other shore, you're on a different television season schedule. And sometimes, you're not of the type that wants to know what's going on ahead of time, so you have to avoid a lot of the US fan sites... well, this is a site for you. Without worries of US timelines, it's like this site lives in insolated splendor. Were I of the UK people, this would be my new favorite site. A lovely and quiet color palette and exceptionally clean design aesthetic makes this site easy to navigate and easy on the eyes. 2/22/01

Jon's Dawson's Creek Homepage - I was sucked in by the color scheme of Jon's site... oooo, pretty purple... The site hasn't been updated very recently, but if you're a new fan of the show, check out episode by episode commentary for season's one and two.

Capeside's Corner - Also not regularly updated, this site does have a world of slightly older content to peruse. And on the news and rumors page, the webmistress debunks all sorts of false gossip.

Tabin's Ultimate Dawson's Creek Fan Page - Tabin's site has been around forever and her site is huge, filled with all sorts of great, original (most importantly) content. For example, without checking her "Are you addicted?" page, I would have never known that I am one of the guilty. Also check her opinion page and see if you agree or want to argue your case via email. There are also great multimedia and picture sections for your perusing pleasure.

The Fan's Creek - This new site is one of the more original out there as far as content is concerned. It fills that fan art void in all of our lives since everything that is archived here is created by fans of the show--from image manipulation to remixed sound clips (I like this part best) and fan fiction.

Foreign Language Sites

Dawson's Creek Fr - Parles-tu français? Oui? C'est l'endroit pour vous. Il revendique une belle interface et des tonnes d'excellent contenu. Et pendant que vous pouvez dire, mon français suce.

Alessandra's Creek - Alessandra si è data molto da fare negli ultimi tempi, e ha riprogettato e riorganizzato il suo sito. Prima avevo detto che impiegava troppo tempo a caricarsi, ma ora è completamente cambiato. Nel nuovo sito ci si muove velocemente come in pochissimi altri che ho visto sinora. Non può non piacervi. E adoro la nuova pagina principale, molto carina. Questo sito è stato grande sin dall'inizio, ed ora è ancora meglio. commento aggiornato 12/4/00 Italian - Le pagine prendono un'eternite à caricarsi, il che tende a infastidire notevolmente, ma una volta entrati c'è da trovarvi un mondo di informazioni d molte altre cose. In italiano. Sinceramente, non ho avuto abbastanza pazienza per aspettare di vederlo, ma mi sono detta che forse è il sito italiano più grande in giro. 11/30/00

The Swedish Guide to dawson's Creek - Babelfish just doesn't do Swedish, so I can't review in the native tongue... but hey, it happens. That said, this site has been around forever, has tons and tons of sections and info, and even though I don't understand a damn thing that's being said, it's a kick-ass site with a lovely, quiet design and organized sections. 11/30/00

Bienvenue dans l'Univers de Capeside - J'aime passer en revue les sites étrangers parce que quoique je n'aie absolument aucune idée ce qui continue sur le site, a peine n'importe qui peut dire ce que je dis dans les revues l'un ou l'autre. Gotta aiment cela. De toute facon, ce site a un bon nombre d'information si vous observez l'exposition en France et vous parlez le langage, qui, je devinent, devraient aller de concert. 2/4/01

Fan Fiction Archives

Capeside Diaries - Capeside Diaries is the biggest and the best out there, no contest. The site is really well put together. The stories are archived by genre (who's in love) and by author and series title once you're in the genre's page. This site also has an area for episode commentaries by Talbot Brady, which makes it a little different than the competition. Talbot's commentary has matured over the 2 seasons that he consistantly wrote these (yes, I read most all of it) and it's very complete and a nice take on the show, not as pithy as "Dawson's Wrap" but hey, sometimes you don't want pith, you want someone else's take on what you've just watched. Good job, Talbot. If you're over 17, you should definitely check in on the "The Blue Room", a growing archive of material that rates over an R rating, it's not as naughty as you might think, some of it just happens to have a bit of hot sex thrown in for good measure...

Dawson's Creek Beta Association - So you've spent hours plastered to your computer reading all of this fantastic fic and now you've decided that it's your turn to put some out there. You start typing away, the inspiration has hit, and you've finished the first installment to your DC masterpiece. What now? Well, clearly, you need a beta reader, someone to read your piece over and point out the strange grammatical errors that you'd never pick out yourself and remind you that Joey would never do that... Hop over to this site and pick out someone who will do your piece the justice it deserves. 12/9/00

Pacey & Joey Lover's Shrine Fan Fiction - PJLS has completely changed since the first time I reviewed it, so I thought that it was time for a re-review here. Kilby and Angela still host some great fic, but these days, they only accept fanfiction that is exclusive to their site. You'll find stuff here that you'll never see anywhere else except the writers' personal pages. updated review 11/28/00

Temple of Pacey Fan Fiction - Jean, always a creative webmistress, has a great collection of fan fiction at the Temple, all of which centers around the great one himself, and he's not just stymied to dating Joey here, he's found his way into many women's hearts. Jean also creates custom header graphics for her page, which is just so damn sweet.

Capeside Confidential - Aimee and Dannie run this site with an iron fist! Well, I'm kidding, but the concept behind this site is that only the stories that the webmistresses think is good gets put up. Which, in my opinion, is a great idea... So when you check out the fanfic here, you know that you're getting something that's already been approved by at least two ladies. Personally, I trust their taste.

Tales of True Love (Pacey & Joey Fanfiction) - The newest of the fanfiction archives, webmistress Yoshhh has done a phenomenal job collecting her favorites (and so many of mine) to launch this beautiful site. The entire site design is soft and lovely, and easy to navigate. And considering that it's entirely image-based, it loads fast enough that I didn't get impatient. I know I'll be checking back often for updates. 12/9/00

Adult Creek Fic Archive - Amy "CreekChic" Stevens is the fine webmistress of this site. If you're looking for a bit of hardcore smut, this is most certainly the place to be. Amy has her stories here as well as the stories of other members of the corresponding mailing list. Be sure to check out some of the fantastic stories here (but, unless you're of the strong-stomach, steer very clear of "Abby and the Corpulent Classmate". It almost had me retching... seriously). All the fic here gets to be seen first if you're subscribed to the AdultCreekFic egroup.

Take A Ride Down the Creek: Fan Fiction - There isn't a whole bunch of stuff to read here, but it's all about quality not quantity, right. There's some really good reading here, especially the fiction of the webmistress, Lori.

Dawson's Creek Writers - I have no idea when this site was last updated, but when I went to check it out, I noticed that I had never seen some of the work housed there, so it definitely deserved a look. 11/19/00

Just Jack - Like the title says, this fic archive is dedicated to fic based on Jack McPhee. It is organized by genres such as Jack/Jen, Angst, Romance, and NC-17, so don't be surprised if you find slash. Be offended if you don't! As one of TV's only teen gay characters, it's only fair that he get a little love in his life, thank god there's fic, 'cause lord knows the DC writers are too afraid. Bah! 11/19/00

Massive DC Fanfic Site - This archive is shaping up to actually live up to it's name. They update frequently and have tons and tons of stories going in up all the time. Color me extremely impressed. They also have a strong Author's Index where links to the stories are actually clickable. Very organized, great fic... watch out CD! 11/19/00

Dawson's Creek Slash Archive - Kristin, of "Some Boys Wander By Mistake," started a site that the DC community had been lacking for so long, a slash archive. How one of the only shows with an actual gay character went so long without this is beyond me, but I'm glad that she started this site a while back. Some of the fic housed here is absolutely brilliant, and much of it can't be found elsewhere. I'm most impressed with some of the webmistress' own work, personally and you'll find a link to Kristen's personal site below. 11/28/00

As the Creek Flows - First and foremost, I love the title of this webpage, it reminds me of sitting home sick from school and watching daytime soap operas. Strangely, I really don't do that anymore these days, but recently, I've been watching "All My Children" under the behest of my friend Anna who just loves the Bianca storyline and has dragged me down with her, but I am so off-topic here. This site's design is a bit busy and I can't seem to really find everything on it even though there's a pulldown menu embedded amongst the collage of images. But, from what I could tell, it mostly archives the webmaster, Adam's fanfiction, which is good, and is taking submissions for fic in every category from D/J to NC-17. There isn't much there yet, but it has a lot of promise. Stop in at the first annual Golden Paddle Awards and check out how Laura Smith swept this year's ceremony. And run screaming from his newest fic, it's worse than "The Really Bad Slash Fic," and far more offensive. Yuck. 12/05/00

The Best Sex You'll Always Have (A Pacey Whore Fansite) - Put together by Laura Smith and Dannie, this site just has so much promise i HAD to add a link... hopefullly that willl motivate these brilliant ladies to update it. currently, it has a couple of fics and some hilarious pages where Pacey himself (or, whatever...) tells us all about everyone he likes to give his business too... he's an equal opportunity lover, you know. Stop in at the message board and beg the webmistresses to update this bad boy. 12/9/00

Dawson's Creek Fan Fiction Forum - Well, they've offically closed down DCFFF, but the site is still up while the move from here to Capeside Diaries happens... So there's still a lot of fiction here to be read...

Dawson's Creek Fan-Fiction Website - This site has been technically closed-down since last November, yet, it's still there, and there is still tons of writing to be read. If nothing else, take a look at "Hopes Fulfilled", the webmaster, WebDude's fiction, which it seems may actually be added to soon (there is a note that the site might get updates again...). It's a very sweet Pacey/Andie and Joey/Dawson story with some interesting plot twists.

Dawson's Creek: Fan Fiction - From the long-defunct Capeside Online, Seechung has archived here quite a few stories that I haven't noticed elsewhere.

Personal Fan Fiction Pages

Pilar's Fan Fiction - Pilar has been updating again it seems, so I feel I must re-review. Although, it seems that Pilar is only mostly interested in getting her stories out there to be read, she's been jazzing up her page and it's looking great! There are some very good stories from Pilar on her page, check 'em out. One is even a Pacey/Abby (Heaven forbid!!!) and another is an incredibly sexy tag-team story written by her and Alisha, read this one and check out how HOTTT it is! She's also dabbling in Roswell fic, so check it out.

By the Shores of the Creek: DC Fiction - Liz Woolf won the "1999 Dawson's Creek Valentine's Day Fanfiction Contest" (from the Fan Fiction Center reviewed below) with her fantastic 10-part story "Same Time Next Year" (which, I just loved) Read this and her other fabulous stories on her newly redesigned site and also check out her insightful episode commentaries and previews to some works in progress. Liz is certainly one of the best out there, so you should certainly check out as much of her work as possible.

Laura Smith's DC Fic Archive - Laura Smith rocks my little ficcy world, damnit. She comes up with new and fun ways to make Pacey naked, tears at our heartstrings, and generally writes some of the best fanfiction out there. It's not a wonder that she's sweeping all the fic awards this year! Personal recommendations are in order, I think: read "Ante" for something quick and dirty, the "Recreational Activities" series for some serious action and "Bring Him Home Again" for the waterworks. 11/17/00

CreekFic - Angie's site has not only a new home but a terrific new look! It's very organized and the type size is nice and big, so you can relax in your office chair and read it onscreen (great for work!). This site is all about Angie's fan fiction, which, strangely, is some of the first stuff I had ever read. Her writing is tight and her stories are interesting. Read her take on what goes through some of your favorite character's heads in her "Reflections" series and enjoy what happens when Dawson walks in on Joey and Pacey getting hot and heavy in "Beyond the Pale"... good reading with a soundtrack!

Kilby's Fan Fiction - I found Kilby's writing through the Fan Fiction forum and was so intrigued by one of her series that I had to write her to find out what will happen next. Definitely check out her site where she's got a bunch of excellent fan fiction series brewing. Personal recommendations from me include but are not limited to, "What I Left Behind", one of the most moving P/J future stories and her short story, "Anatomy of a Murder". Fantastic! Recently, Kilby has redesigned her site and folded in all of her alias' fic as well... are you surprised to find out that she was also Alisha and Tavia? updated review 11/19/00

Leaving Normal: Fanfiction by Erin - I love when a writer can make me think, and Erin consistantly does just that. Her storylines aren't contrived and her use of language is near poetic. Excellent work. 11/17/00

Bitsy's Web - Bitsy's site is completely redesigned and "Menage" is finished. Wow. Her new site is super-purple and features sections about herself, an archive of her fic, and a section of her picks that's currently coming soon. updated review 11/19/00

Becci's Dawson's Creek Fan Fiction Page - Becci's an old hand in the world of fan fiction... I, for one, have perused many of her stories in such reading zones as PJLS & DCFFF, but here you can go straight to the source, and while you're there you can also buy some of the official fan fiction (which scares me). updated review 11/19/00

Dana's DC Fan Fic - Dana is destined to become one of the greats. She's a very intelligent girl from Australia, with a fantastic vocabulary and a great sense of Pacey and Joey. Definitely check out her great story "Nothing But the Truth". It's fabulous. I also really like the design of the page, it's a simple one pager with a lovely color scheme and matching duotoned images to go with her stories.

Dawson's Creek Fan Fiction by Courtney - Courtney is the webmistress behind The X-fic Archive, but did you know that she also writes her own? And TONS of it! This link will take you directly to her Dawson's Creek writing, where you can read such fine stories as "An American in Paris" and "Together, You and I..."

CreekChic's Fantasy Forum - Alright, I admit it! I like adult DC fan fiction. I can't help it, I am an adult. There. I've come clean. That said, CreekChic's put up her own site and it's lovely, a nice black and white design with links to all of her fantastically risqué stories. What was that about a "railspike", Amy?

Laura's Fan Fiction - Laura's front page takes absolutely ages to load, but don't let that dissuade you from checking out the ever-growing archive of her work. She's very equal opportunity and writes D/J, P/J and Love Triangle stories... which is sort of different in the completely stratified fan fiction arena...

Kate Andrew's Fan Fiction Page - Kate is the genius behind "Popcorn", one of the most asked about fics in the history of DC fics. Currently, she is in the midst of a redesign, but you can still read almost all of Popcorn here, and soon more than that. I look forward to it. updated review 11/19/00

Rinny's (Temporary) DC Page - There's no design to speak of, but her montage of Pacey and Joey is really pretty and she used some of my fave images of the two of them in it. But, we're not worried about design here, it's really about the content. Rinny's work is good. Read "The King of Pick-up Lines," it had me giggling for days. 11/19/00

Alex's DC Page! - Check out Alex's fan fiction pages, sorted by her fiction and the fiction of others, there's some really excellent work in here. Be sure to read Alex's work, it's intelligent, fluid and entertaining reading, then peruse the writing of other fan fiction authors, neatly organized onto individual author pages with very short storyline descriptions so you'll know what you're getting into before you start reading. And a personal recommendation from me: Read the first parts of Freakbunni's story... it's getting very interesting.

Alisha'a Fan Fiction - Oh... the Puerto Rico story... one of my all time favorites! If you haven't read it, you have no idea what you're missing. Alisha's got her own page now and is promising yet another fine story, another Pacey and Joey lovefest? Could be... jam over to her brand new site and read the preview!

Jack&Jen: A Dawson's Creek Fan Fiction Site - Beth saw a gaping hole in the world of DC fan fiction and took it upon herself to fill it, and we thank her profusely! It doesn't always have to about romance, or Dawson for that matter, sometimes it really just needs to be about true friendship. Beth's stories are absolutely wonderful and very touching. Read them all at her nicely designed site.

Daizy's Fan Fiction - This pretty, yellow, flower-filled page was designed by Liz to house Daizy's predominantly Dawson/Joey fan fiction... Some great work is housed here, so go check it out.

Crystal's Dawson's Creek Fan Fiction Page - Crystal's page has a very simple design and links to all of her work on one page, very easy to navigate and to read all of her wonderful stories. Defititely check out my personal recommendation, her "Death" series.

Eden's Fan Fiction Page - Another of Liz's lovely page designs, this one is for Eden. Her fan fic is 100% Dawson & Joey and she's damn proud of it! Jump on over to her fan fic page to read some of her fantastic stories! Eden also runs the Creeker's Choice Awards this year, so she's really got her hands full. Great stuff!

Creek Lore: Fanfiction by Atalanta - This site, featuring the webmistress' own fanfiction has a very soft and attractive design, is easy to navigate and features stories based around Jen... and more often than not, Jen and Pacey... damn they're cute together. 11/19/00

Without You... Amy Margaret's Fan Fiction - Amy's got all of her great fic archived here on her very pretty and simply-designed site, she also dabbles in fan art, you can download her great PJ wallpaper here. Read her "A Song From Home," a great WWII period piece. 11/19/00

Some Boys Wander By Mistake (Fanfic by Kristin) - Kristin is a great slash writer with fic archived on her site featuring some great characters, not solely of the DC ilk. I wandered here and it was no mistake, Kristin's work is interesting and beautifully written.11/28/00

Lara's FanFiction - Lara has titled her site "Mediocre FanFiction" but i don't buy it for a second. And clearly, neither do the people who helped to nominate her for three CCA's this year. Her site design is simple and pretty and her fic is good. What's mediocre about that? 12/23/00

Dawson's Creek Fiction by Maddie - When I first read "Havoc in a Perfect World" the dead-on Pacey/Joey banter pulled me in and kept me interested for as long as it took Maddie to get out the final chapters. Then there was "Behind the Screen" a smutty, little thing that just captivated me. Maddie's got her own site where she keeps her stuff, and Chrystal keeps the site looking just lovely. Go beg Maddie to post her Pacey/Jen stuff that's only been released at IHJ's fic boards. 12/23/00

True Love FanFic by Kaytee - Kaytee is mighty popular in the fic world and her site is pretty and well-designed. She's won lots of awards in the recent past so definitely check out her fanfiction.2/4/01

Divided: Fanfic by Tinkerbell - Hosted on Kaytee's site, Tinkerbell's two series, "The Ocean Between Us" and "Divided," it's sequel, are both here for your perusal. 2/4/01

Cassie & Kat's Slash - Yay slash! I do so love me some hot slashy goodness and if Pacey's involved, even better. I like Kat's design aesthetic on this site and have been reading her stories for years now, so it's nice to have all of her slash, and the slash of her friend, in one place. Yay. And it's concisely organized by boy boy pairing. Yay. 2/4/01

Evie's Pacey and Joey Fic (Rockin' the Boat) - Admittedly, I haven't read too much of Evie's fic, but the parts of Animal crackers that I have read, I've definitely enjoyed. The site has a clean and simple design and lovely fic banners, chck it out. And while you're hanging out there, check out rec'd fic by other authors also hosted on her site. 2/22/01


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