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Name: Casablanca
Date(s): 1942
Medium: Film
Country of Origin: United States
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Casablanca is a classic film shot in black and white, featuring actor Humphrey Bogart. It is a highly referenced film, and well-loved. It features characters attempting to navigate community, friendship, and romance while the world is on the cusp of crisis.

Notable Fanworks


  • Sentimental Reasons by Frostfire, an English one-shot written during Yuletide 2009 for thefourthvine. (Rated Teen, Sam/Rick.)
  • Nom de Coeur by Dorinda, an English one-shot written during Yuletide 2004 for Widget. (Rated Gen, Rick Blaine/Louis Renault.)
  • The Unusual Suspect by OsheenNevoy, a completed English work notable for being the longest Casablanca fanfiction on AO3 as of September 2023. It focuses on exploring the setting and time period Casablanca takes place during through the eyes of Louis Renault, referencing real-life people, places and events about the time period as written about by Meredith Hindley and others through their research. It can also be seen as pre-slash for Rick Blaine/Louis Renault.
  • No Matter What the Future Brings by Tinnean, a completed English work. Of all the gin joints in the world, the love of Rick’s life has to turn up in his. But is it who we always were led to believe it was? (Rated Explicit, features Rick Blaine/Victor Laszlo, Rick Blaine/Ilsa Lund, Rick Blaine/Louis Renault, Sam/Sascha.) First written in 2001.

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