Buffyverse Music Video Database

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Name: Buffyverse Music Video Database
Date(s): 2002-present
Moderator: Sarah (thestalkycop) and Laura (fractal_bat)
Founder: Bonibaru, renenet, here's luck
Fandom: Buffy/Angel
URL: http://www.buffy.fanvids.co.uk/index.php
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Buffyverse Music Video Database is a searchable database of fan-made Buffy and Angel vids. It began in 2002, when renenet, Bonibaru, and here's luck decided that there were sufficient computer vids being made that it would help to collect links to the vids in a centralized location. astolat modified her Automated Archive software to serve as link database rather than text archive (the costs associated with hosting vids were prohibitive), which allowed the BMVD to become a fully searchable and auto-updating database rather than a series of static exported tables. Eventually, with the advent of Youtube and alternative vidding platforms, cataloging all Buffy and Angel vids became impossible, but in 2002 vidding was just beginning the switch to computer vids.

At the same time that the database was being created, kitkatbyte founded the Nummy Treat mailing list for Buffy vidders and vid watchers. Nummy Treat and the BMVD quickly joined forces: kitkatbyte brought a number of new sites and links to the BMVD, cross-checked renenet's research, and agreed that vids added to the database would automatically be announced on Nummy Treat. Post-2007 the site began offering space for vidders to host their vids.[1]

From 2002 to 2007, the site was hosted by bonibaru and maintained by here's luck. In May 2007, they decided to turn the database over to new owners, Sarah and Laura. A complete history of the database can be found in the site info of the site.

As of Jan 2010, the database contained vids from 391 vidders, 447 members, 41 reviews, and a total count of 2220 vids.


  1. ^ From the screencap of the main page: "This site is not an archive; […] However, we do offer hosting now that the site has moved, so if you require webspace and unlimited bandwith for hosting your vids […] , then have a look at our hosting Terms and Conditions." (uploaded 01 January 2010)