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Name: Nummy Treat Awards
Date(s): 2003-2004
Frequency: annual
Associated Community: vidding
Fandom: Buffy, Angel, Jossverse
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The Nummy Treat Awards were the first of many awards recognizing fan vidders in Buffy and Angel fandoms. The awards were sponsered by Nummy Treat the Buffy/Angel vidding mailing list. The awards ran for two years. They included categories such as:

  • Short Form -Videos less than 1 minute. Includes promos, trailers, credits, etc.
  • Best Comedy
  • Relationship - Includes 'shipper vids, slash, compare/contrast vids, and non-romance pairing.
  • Character Study
  • Best Drama
  • Best of Show[1]

The nominations for each category came from the two videos with the most votes after the first round vote. Finalists were picked during the last round. In order to be eligible the vidder had to give permission for their vid (if nominated) and allow voters access to view the vid (vids at the time were often available only through passwords). Only members of the Nummy Treat mailing list could vote.

2003 Winners

The first year the awards focused on Buffy fandom vids. Stats for the 2003 awards:

  • 320 nominations cast
  • 40 members nominated vids
  • 221 vids nominated (aprox)
  • 77 different vidders (aprox)
  • 8 vidders (10 vids) disqualified for failure to return permission
  • 3 vidders (5 vids) disqualified for no access to vids
  • 5 vids disqualified for being Ats (Angel the Series) centric
  • 1 vidder asked that 3 of their vids not be included
  • 193 vids up for voting


  • Romance-Buffy/Angel - Insatiable by Morgaine
  • Best Finale - Moving On by SDWolfpup
  • Best Episodic - Fool For Love by Luminosity
  • Best Character-Faith - Superstar by Here's luck
  • Best of the Best - Closer by Sisabet
  • Romance-Buffy/Spike - My Immortal by Eros Reia
  • Best Character-Tara - Happy Girl by Pipsqueak
  • Best Comedy - Yodel by Wendy
  • Best Ensemble - End Of The World As We Know It by Luminosity
  • Best Romance-Other - Her Platinum Baby by JainieG
  • Best Special Effects - My Immortal by Eros Reia
  • Best Narrative - Come On by Here's Luck
  • Character-Other - Southwest Voodoo by The Shimmertwins
  • Best Action - It's the End of the World As We Know It by Luminosity
  • Best Experimental - My Immortal by Eos Reia
  • Best Editing - Closer by Sisabet
  • Best Pairing Non Romance - Anything You Can Do by Katheryn
  • Best Character-Spike - So Sad, So Lonely-An Ode to Season 4 Spike by SDWolfpup
  • Best Slash - Closer by Sisabet
  • Character-Buffy - Bitch by Ariana
  • Best Drama - Unwell by catatonic1242
  • Best Lyrical Interpretation - Yodel by Wendy
  • Best Character-Giles - I Wanna Talk About Me by Xandra
  • Romance-Willow/Tara - Writing Notes by Here's Luck
  • Best Vidder - Xandra
  • Best Constructed Reality - Country Calvicade by Sisabet and Dawn
  • Best Character-Xander - Sleepwalker by Wendy

2004 Nominees

For the second year, the vids were to be drawn from Angel the Series fandom. Only the list of nominees is currently available.[2] Not all links are active.

Relationship Vids