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Vyra is a Buffy vidder, known in particular for her creation Schism, a Spike vid posted to Nummy Treat and later shown at the Nummy Treat vidshow at Vividcon/Vividcon 2015. Her old page, Tangled Synthesis, can be at http://vrya.net/ts/index.php in a degraded state, and she had a Livejournal at https://vrya.livejournal.com/. She was nominated in 2003 for a Digital Art Award.

Her site declared its "Raison d'Être" as follows:

In the past few years I've become rather a computer junky, and I love being creative with my new found technical skills. Hence my choice of "synthesis" (combining a bunch of things - images, sounds, thoughts, etc - to make something new) as the word to build the site around. ("Tangled" just reflects what a mess my mind is <wink> ) Right now that creativity seems to be centering around Buffy so most of the work on this site probably will too. But I reserve the right to tackle anything else that inspires me, which is why I've kept BtVS references out of the title and general site design. This site was started in late Feb/ early March 2002.