The Pinky and the Brain - Doctor Style

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Title: The Pinky and the Brain - Doctor Style
Creator: chayiana
Date: April 2007
Format: WMV
Length: 1:51 minutes
Music: The theme from "The Pinky and the Brain"
Genre: humour
Fandom: Doctor Who
URL: vid announcement
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The Pinky and the Brain - Doctor Style is a Doctor Who fanvid by chayiana. It was reviewed by rhoboat at the vid commentary LJ on July 30, 2009.

The vid won a Gallifrey Award in 2008.


  • "Aber noch besser sind Dir die DW Vids gelungen, finde ich: Pinky and the Brain bringt Doctor/Donna so genial rüber, ich war die ganze Zeit am grinsen."[1]
  • "Just saw your Pinky and the Brain vid for the first time and I am rolling on the floor. Awesome, awesome work -- hilarious concept, perfect clip selection, and fabulous timing."[2]
  • "But forget about what you may or may not know about that cartoon. chayiana took the song and used it to hilarious effect for Donna Noble and the Doctor in her super cute vid for Doctor Who. Donna Noble is the brains of this outfit, and the Doctor is the crazy and befuddled sidekick. This is just as it should be because Donna Noble is AWESOME."[3]
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