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Title: Weak
Creator: charmax
Date: on or before 2004
Format: WMV
Length: 3:32 minutes
Music: "Weak" by Skunk Ananasie
Fandom: Buffy
URL: vidder's website
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Weak is a Buffy fanvid by charmax. It was reviewed by ebonypsyche on July 29, 2009 at the vid commentary LJ community.

Vidder's notes: "Weak is an AU video, Buffy & Faith slash. The basic premise is that Faith went to prison covering up for Buffy and the role she played in the murder of the Mayors assistant. She escapes from prison and finds Buffy in the arms of Spike. She realizes what a fool she has been and seeks revenge."


  • "So confession time: Faith is my favorite character ever. Her flaws, triumphs, and...just everything. And I kinda love Buffy (the character) as she is in her eyes- flawed and yet perfect. But I am tired of seeing Buffy/Faith vids where all Faith does is hurt Buffy and Buffy is this saint. The hurt went both ways but as Faith said "You hurt me, I hurt you. I'm just more efficient." So I was kinda giddy to see this one." ~ feedback at the vid commentary review.
  • "One of my favorite parts is probably in the first chorus, where you see that Buffy also has blood on her hands, but more specifically when you see a shot of Faith alone, and then a white flash and the same shot where Buffy is there. It’s showing that yes, Faith killed him but *Buffy* was there too, that she’s responsable for it as well. That was amazingly done." ~ milly's feedback at the vidder's website.
  • "There are certain things in life you just do, for example, if your lover goes for you in jail, taking your guilt on her shoulders, you wait for her. You just do. If not there will be hell to pay… Buffy was never the brightest slayer in history, was she? So Faith overcomes her weakness in this video, when she finally realize that her sacrifice was in vain. It wasn’t worth it, the years spent in prison were for a heartless bitch that didn’t get the idea of true love and banging a vampire is just not right on so many levels for a slayer. Plus unfaithful, which leads to only one conclusion for Faith: Revenge! A story of betrayal is always tense, but Charmax’ use of flashbacks make her AU story so much more heartbreaking, you get pulled in and it never loses it grip on you and when Buffy finally goes to jail and Faith smiles, you just give a standing ovation for her tough decision she made. So another brilliant AU story we had loved to see on the show, a radiant Faith PoV, that ends on a happy note and have Buffy go to jail, what else can you ask for?" ~ Touch My Soul Video Awards review.