Enter the Void

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Title: Enter the Void
Creator: luminosity
Date: August 2011
Format: DivX download, streaming
Length: 5:06 minutes
Music: "Everything Before" by Deadmau5
Fandom: Enter the Void
URL: vid announcement; streaming version at Critical Commons

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Enter the Void is a fanvid by luminosity. renenet offered extended vid commentary at the vid commentary LJ community on October 25, 2011.[1] The vid premiered at the Club Vivid show at Vividcon 2011.

renenet wrote:
"It strikes me that both of these vids Caged Bird and [Enter the Void] are visual/auditory meditations on three-dimensional space, incorporating everything from the geometric patterns of the observed environment to a deep exploration of the interiority and exteriority of spaces and the people in them...by the time Lum hits her groove in these vids, though, it feels like she's exploring fifth- or sixth-dimensional space somehow. Like, sure, we've all heard time described as a fourth dimension, but I'd like to add the fifth for, say, the hypnotic-but-shapely experience of the music in these vids and what it adds to the overall experience. And a couple extra dimensions to try to capture the multiple layers of three-dimensionality the vids are exploring."


  • "I really like how hypnotic this vid feels by the end of it with how you sync the visuals with the pulse of the music."[2]
  • "Thanks for the mediated contact-high! I'm always interested in how altered states of consciousness can be induced by things other than ingested substances, and I think the way you've put together images and sound here manages to get that ball rolling!" [3]


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