Caged Bird

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Title: Caged Bird
Creator: luminosity
Date: August 2010
Format: DivX download, streaming
Length: 5:03 minutes
Music: Caged Bird (feat. Katrina Ford) by UNKLE
Fandom: Last Year at Marienbad (movie)
URL: vid announcement; streaming at Critical Commons

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Caged Bird is a Last Year at Marienbad fanvid by luminosity. renenet offered extended vid commentary at the vid commentary LJ community on October 25, 2011.[1] The vid premiered at the Premieres show at Vividcon 2010.

renenet wrote:
"It strikes me that both of these vids [Caged Bird and Enter the Void] are visual/auditory meditations on three-dimensional space, incorporating everything from the geometric patterns of the observed environment to a deep exploration of the interiority and exteriority of spaces and the people in the time Lum hits her groove in these vids, though, it feels like she's exploring fifth- or sixth-dimensional space somehow. Like, sure, we've all heard time described as a fourth dimension, but I'd like to add the fifth for, say, the hypnotic-but-shapely experience of the music in these vids and what it adds to the overall experience. And a couple extra dimensions to try to capture the multiple layers of three-dimensionality the vids are exploring."


  • "What a strange, hypnotic thing. Actions repeated, over and over - the strange, stilted movements of eyes, bodies.... A series of tableau from a play but all the emotion drained....Eerie and excellent and odd. I like it.  :) [2]
  • "Together with your other vid "Night of the Hunter," this seems to suggest a really interesting turn in your own work but also part of a larger, community-wide discussion about what vidding is for and what it can do. Both of these vids make an argument to me about vidding as an art in and of itself, rather than a derivative reliant upon the "original." Both seem to make such striking statements beyond the frame of fannishness or symbiosis with the source. "[3]
  • "Dude, you SO rock my world. Saw this at Killa's sunday night and I think I freaked out the rest of the room when I started laughing about 5 seconds in when I realized what movie it was (it's still cracking me up. the marry me?). This is so awesome -- flashbacks to the weirder moments of film school (where we had to deconstruct this "film" every. dang. year.)-- we used to call it "Night of the Lifestyles of the Rich and Living Dead." You actually made it look like it could be an interesting movie -- bravo! Oh, your blurb...brilliant! "[4]
  • "I really loved this vid a lot. I loved what you did with the repetition in the editing and how perfectly it expressed the emotion of the character. There was a comment at Vividcon Vid Review that said something like this person couldn't feel the emotional connection because they couldn't understand the storyline but it's the emotion that you absolutely can feel and that is the key to any abstract piece of art. Something about it has to resonate. And to me you did a fabulous job with this. "[5]


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