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Title: DLZ
Creator: bop-radar
Date: June 2009
Format: mp4
Length: minutes
Music: TV on the Radio
Fandom: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
URL: vid announcement

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DLZ is an Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles vid by bop-radar. It was reviewed by chaila43 at the Vid Commentary LJ community on July 18, 2009. The vid was part of a charity auction to raise funds for the Red Cross appeal for the Victorian Black Saturday bushfires.

Vidder's Summary: We are the Resistance.

Vid Commentary:"The vid manages to encapsulate much of what is great about the show on both the thoughtful and emotional levels. It is the rare vid that manages to capture the themes and emotions of an entire show, particularly one as layered and smart as this show is, and this vid does that marvelously well. This is a true ensemble vid about all the characters and the big themes of the show. Each character gets their storyline within the vid and the connections, intersections and conflict among the characters drives the vid as much as the Resistance vs. Terminator conflict that is the overarching theme. The futility of the Resistance fight is palpable—they get beat up and bloodied, desperate and discouraged, get killed one by one, but they have to keep fighting. What else can they do? "[1]

The vidder offered extended editing commentary on the vid here. In her commentary she wrote that "What I really wanted to make was an ensemble vid about what it meant to be the Resistance. What it meant to live with that burden of knowledge and responsibility, day in day out, and what fears it bred....I wanted to make a vid that would stand up to repeat viewings, that viewers willing to spend a little extra time would find rewarding..."[2]


  • "This is a Big Damn Vid. It escapsulates the whole show in both storyline and tone. It works wonderfully as an ensemble vid--the structure is quite genius.....Overall, I love the quick cutting style, especially the intercuts on the static sounds in the music. The tone is fantastically bleak and dark.""[3]
  • "Excellent editing, with fantastic use of motion tied into the musicality of the song. Excellent storytelling, too, hitting on a *tonne* of the themes that made the show such a great, layered watch: family, war, the advent and evolution of technology and humanity's relationship to it, sacrifice, will and spirit, trust, betrayal, loss, fate...""[4]
  • "You are so good with movement, Bop! It's something that I never think about when vidding but you use it here well from beginning to end. In fact, I like the way the beginning and ending are sort of bookmarked with action (those quick cuts to digitally moving clip with the credits). The style of this vid is very fast-paced and actiony but also a kind of sad tone too. I can only think this reflects the tone and feel of the show."[5]
  • "The song choice is inspired -- I always thought "DLZ" was about the coming of the Apocalypse, and you use the ominous mood of the song and the drama therein very well indeed. The clips of characters falling, one by one, to nevermind, Death Professor are particularly chilling."[6]
  • "I had shivers watching this, the relentless drive of the machines and the many sacrifices each of the characters have had to give - wonderfully paced with the lyrics. Really, such an amazing job."[7]


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