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Fandom auctions are a means fans to raise funds to assist a community or person struck by an emergency. Items offered for auction usually include fanfic, fanart, or fanvids to the winner bidder's specification, food, and crafts.

Early Years

Charity auctions took many forms in early fandom. Starting with the first fan run conventions in the 1970s through conventions to date, charity auctions have been a frequent feature at conventions.In the 1990s, several conventions, such as Zebracon,[1] Revelcon, Friscon, and the 15 Yahren Reunion devoted their charity drives to various AIDS organizations like the Pediatric Aids Foundation.

Response to the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami

Almost immediately after news of the earthquake and tsunami was made available, fandom began preparing to give aid. Help Japan @ LJ and Help Japan @ DW were created the same day. Help Japan @ LJ has been particularly popular, with overflow posts to capture the outpouring of offers.

Response to 2011 Christchurch earthquake

The auction to help survivors of the Christchurch earthquake raised $10,030.34 USD (13,561.82 NZD).[2]

List of fandom auctions


  1. As reported in the StrangeWorld article "Science Fiction Fans and Charity" published in 1994: "One enduring relationship between a fandom and a charity is between ZebraCon and the Pediatric AIDS Foundation. ZebraCon is a convention focusing on the 1970s cop show Starsky and Hutch. Series star Paul Michael Glaser (Starsky) now enjoys a successful directing career. Because his work is now behind the camera, many people remain unaware of the personal tragedy he and his family have suffered. Due to pregnancy complications, Glaser's wife, Elizabeth, received a blood transfusion tainted with the HIV virus. She and both children were exposed to the virus. Their daughter Ariel died from AIDS; Elizabeth and her son continue to battle against this disease. Elizabeth and others who had lost children to AIDS established the Pediatric AIDS Foundation. As the Starsky and Hutch fandom became smaller, ZebraCon became a biannual convention and expanded to include other "buddy" shows such as The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and the British spy serial The Professionals. But the original convention charity has never been forgotten. Fund-raising for the Pediatric AIDS Foundation remains a major focus not only of the convention, but of many fandom pursuits. Proceeds from a second printing of The Professionals fanzine House of Cards go to the Foundation. Items donated for auction at this past ZebraCon included Starsky and Hutch action figures, posters, books, magazines, games, and the record album recorded by David Soul (Hutch from the series). Media artist Suzanne Lovett donated a commission piece that sold for over $200."
  2. imaginarycircus, news for 3.14.2011 2011-03-12. Accessed 2011-03-18.