Marvel Trumps Hate

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Name: Marvel Trumps Hate
Date(s): 2018-2020
Type: Auction
Fandom: Marvel
URL: Marvel Trumps Hate Tumblr
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Marvel Trumps Hate is a Tumblr-based auction organized by Marvel fans in 2018 to support a number of organizations working to protect civil rights, marginalized and oppressed communities, and the environment.[1] In addition to the auction's presence on Tumblr, there is an active Discord server for participants.

In 2018, creator sign-ups began on September 30 and closed on October 14. Bidding began on October 21, and closed on October 27; donation receipts were due on November 5.[2]

The organizers of Marvel Trumps Hate cited Fandom Trumps Hate and Stony Trumps Hate as inspirations for the auction.

We believe the Marvel fandom is a caring, supportive community determined to help those in need just like the superheroes we love so much do; as such, we wanted to include as many Marvel universes, fandoms, characters, and ships as possible to be inclusive and have a fandom-wide impact. Together, this auction will allow us to unite, organize, and pay it forward![3]

The following types of fanworks and fan labor were eligible for the auction in 2018:

  • Fics or other writing
  • Art (illustrations or comics)
  • Digital works (graphics/edits, gifsets, manips, mood boards, etc.)
  • Podfics
  • Videos
  • Fan-made crafts or merchandise
  • Beta services (editing, soundboarding/planning, historical accuracy, fact-checking, culture-picking, etc.)
  • Translations[4]

The auction was held again in 2019, with creator sign-ups running from September 22 to October 5, and bidding from October 19 to 26.[5] For the 2020 cycle, creator sign-ups will run from September 13 to 26, and bidding from October 18 to 24.[6]

2018 Auction Results

A chart breaking down the donations made for Marvel Trumps Hate 2018 by organization.

In addition to the astounding amount of money we were able to raise for charity, MTH was successful in other ways. We strove to be as inclusive as possible, determined to make this event a fandom-wide effort. Considering that the auctions covered over 242 platonic and romantic relationships (if we include “all ships/gen”-inclusive relationships, this number is even higher) in at least 23 fandoms across 19 universes within the Marvel multiverse, we can safely say that we accomplished our goal.

This spirit of inclusion also applies to our auctions and charities. Every single one of our 354 auctions was bid on, and every one of our 30 supported charities received donations. This is a tremendous achievement. We’re in awe of your commitment to supporting all our creators and charities and thrilled that you spread all the love around, bidders![7]

Marvel Trumps Hate 2018 raised $19,262.52 in support of thirty organizations, with 236 participants offering a total of 354 auctions in 2018.[8]

Marvel Trumps Hate 2018: Funds Raised [9]
Name Amount Raised
American Civil Liberties Union $1,274
Amnesty International $963.43
Border Angels $153
BuildOn $112.37
ConPRmetidos $163.90
Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) $30
Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund $312.50
First Book $835.39
Flippable $87.64
Innocence Project $507.81
International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) $79.16
International Refugee Assistance Project $1,431.50
International Rescue Committee $737
Lambda Legal $624
Life After Hate $384.53
NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund $130
National Alliance to End Homelessness $156
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence $181
National Immigrant Law Center $491
National Women’s Law Center $159
Native American Rights Fund $1,111
Planned Parenthood $3,335
ProPublica $166.05
Rainbow Road $908.69
Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN) $1,423
Run for Something $72.50
Sierra Club $252.36
Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) $1,165
The Trevor Project $1,503 $428.69

Example Fanworks

Fanworks for the 2018 auction are collected on Archive of Our Own in the Marvel Trumps Hate collection. As of February 10, 2019, there are thirty-seven works in the collection.[10] The challenge organizers have encouraged creators to complete their fanworks by November 2019.[11]


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