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Event: Moonridge
Fandom: The Sentinel
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Moonridge was a charity event organized by Sentinel fans.


Fan Organizers

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Challenges and Controversies


And then after I got into The Sentinel— I lived very close to Big Bear, California. I lived at the high desert, which is very close, less than an hour up the back side of Big Bear to get to the town. And one of the stars of The Sentinel, Garrett Maggart, has a charity which was called Moonridge Animal Rescue Zoo. It's now Big Bear Alpine Rescue, I believe, and they're moving right now. But he had a Sentinel day. And his fans would pour in, even from out of the country. And there'd be, you know, fifty, eighty people, up at the zoo. And he'd come, and he'd talk to you and chat with you, and he'd sign autographs, and— I had a friend who just thought he was the bee's knees, and I am in love with the man. I admit that. So my friend said, "Well, let's go." I was really nervous, 'cause I hadn't been around fans in quite a while. And they just made me so comfortable immediately. [1]

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