You Can't Lose Me

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Title: You Can't Lose Me
Creator: Jamie
Date: 2008
Format: wmv
Length: 50MB
Music: "You Can't Lose Me" by by Billy Ray Cyrus
Genre: gen
Fandom: The Sentinel
URL: Vidder's Website

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"You Can't Lose Me" is a gen The Sentinel vid by Jamie. It won an Albie award at Eastern Media Con as Best Gen vid.


"This was Jamie's Moonridge vid offering and it's another beauty from this talented vidder. I don't even care for Billy Ray Cyrus, but this song with its theme of loving someone through thick and thin pulls me in. And, of course, the lyrics are so appropriate to express Blair's devotion to Jim. As usual, Jamie fills the song with clips from a variety of episodes. What I like about the vid is that it's not showing Blair as a "puppy dog" following Jim around. You see how often he jokes, argues, pushes, supports, confronts and comforts Jim. In the end, despite their differences, their relationship is strong enough to weather the storms, which is the feeling I always got coming out of the show. Great job, Jamie!"[1]


  1. Nadadie Sentinel Recs dated Dec 15, 2012.