Donate an Orgasm for Moonridge

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Title: Donate an Orgasm for Moonridge
Editor(s): Caro Dee
Date(s): 2007-2010?
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Sentinel
Language: English
External Links: 2007 Anthology, 2008 Anthology at AO3
2008 Anthology at Artifact Storage Room 3 (archived link)
2009 Anthology info, 2010 anthology info
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Donate an Orgasm for Moonridge is a collection of PWPs by various writers and artists on the theme of sentinel orgasms written to benefit the Moonridge Animal Park.

Caro Dee described the creation of the zines as a challenge on LiveJournal: "Once a theme is selected, various lovely and talented writers and artists donate their work and I put them all into a mini-zine that gets auctioned off for the Moonridge Park Charity Auction."[1]

Authors: ALF, Arouette, Bleeding Heart, Caro Dee, Catyah, Jane Davitt, Luna, Maaaaa, Mab Browne, Marion, Paula C., Polly Bywater, Psychgirl, and T.W. Lewis

Reactions and Reviews

This was the first year I bought anything at Moonridge and what a bargain this collection was! $5 bought this varied anthology from a group of very talented artists. Now that it’s timed out and posted, don’t pass by this group of 12 stories and two pictures. The stories range in length from a snippet to short story. The types range from gentle romance to BDSM to non-consensual situations. There’s appearances by two top canon villains. You’ve gotta love the theme: Super Sentinel-Size Orgasms. [2]
How much would you pay for an orgasm? How about for 17 orgasms? The brainchild for this anthology to raise money for the Moonridge Animal Rescue came from Caro Dee. And at $10 a pop, they raised a lot while giving our fandom a hell of a bargain. The 2007 theme was Sentinel-sized orgasms and, since fair is fair, the 2008 edition focused on Blair. It’s lovingly sub-titled “Guppygasms”, derived from Jim’s nickname for Blair in “Poachers”.

As happens sometimes with zines, not every story gets posted online after the date for exclusivity has passed. That’s the case with the 2008 edition, so a couple of stories never showed up. Authors posted them individually, and I’ve painstakingly gathered them here for your reading pleasure. The art donations are not included.[3]


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